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The main question throughout Katz’s reading is ‘what are the most recognizable skills for an effective administrator?’ Katz identified three perceptible skills that every great manager contains and they are technical, human, and conceptual skills (1955). Moreover, the miscellaneous levels of managerial position is also essential because they distinguish those three skills. Katz examined three levels – lower, higher and the top – and it is very interesting to see how they are interrelated and require different weights on different levels. At lower levels technical and human skills come first, at higher level human and conceptual skills are more substantial and conceptual skill for the top levels of management (Katz, 1955).

Refer to those three different levels, the Mikes Bikes team working is at the lower level which means technical and human skills are the most critical. Every team member is under the position in divergent part so we have to have good knowledge and techniques in our role. As a CFO, I found my role is quite tough and stressful where the task is watching every decision the team make and pay attention to all that cash flow and obviously I’m conscious about the importance of CFO in the team. Thus, whenever our SHV goes down or did not perform well I feel very disappointed at myself and push myself to expand knowledge for better results in the next rollover.

Katz (1955) emphasized the purpose of the article, “the approach is based not on what good executives are (their innate traits and characteristics), but rather on what they do (the kind of skills which they exhibit in carrying out their jobs effectively)” (p.91). I believe I can build up myself to an effective CFO and for that, I need to deepen my technical skill up to higher level. Fortunately, I have a team that are all enthusiastic and very supportive each other. This will indeed greatly affect achieving my goal to becoming an active CFO.


Katz, R. L. (1955). Skills of an effective administrator. Harvard Business Review, 33(1), 33--42.


  1. Hi there Charlotte,

    The first thing that caught my eye in your journal were the in-text citations. I strongly suggest you go and have a look at the library APA referencing guide, as it is very useful and gives you great examples of how to do in-text citations for different document types for APA referencing. This is important as we are getting closer to the summative journal submission date. (If you need help finding it just leave a comment and i will post a link up for you )

    From what I have read, you too have written your journal based around your role as a result of Peter's post. This is good, but in doing so, you have strayed from using Daudelin's structure. You simply narrated what you read from the readings and attempted to make some linkage to Mikes bikes. As a result the journal does not flow very well and the ideas are all over the place. Also, when examining Bloom's taxonomy, you are showing to be at the lower levels, of which perhaps this can be over come by using Daudelin's structure.

    As CFO of the team, it not entirely up to you and you alone to make sure the team gets a good SHV, so when results do not come back as what you expected, do not beat yourself up about it, instead find better ways to ensure that your team as a whole can over come that obstacle. Its good to see that you have supportive team, so do not be afraid to use that support and lean on the other team members, just as they lean on you for the financial aspects of the game.

    Good luck with week nine's rollover! (smile)


  2. Hi There,

    First off a good journal in which you were able to link what was in the readings to what you were going through with your mikes bikes team.

    However it was quite difficult to read in some places. Sometimes the sentence structure in journal would drag on a bit. There were too many 'ands' which made it difficult to read for example " As a CFO, I found my role is quite tough and stressful where the task is watching every decision the team make and pay attention to all that cash flow and obviously I’m conscious about the importance of CFO in the team."

    This can be easily fixed by breaking up these sentences into shorter ones.

    Good luck for journal ahead.