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  1. For some reason this wasn't letting me write on a new blank page so I had to attach my journal (Week 8)!

  2. Hi Reem,

    No worries, I could access you attached document so all is fine, strange that it wouldn't let you write on a new page though.

    As for your reflection you understood and applied the readings exceedingly well, and not just that but you integrated them perfectly too as opposed to just merely summarising them (which I have seen others do).

    I enjoyed your reflection, and think it was great that you brought the Aygris reading in too instead of just 'sticking to the script' and using this week's readings - if it applies why not bring it in?

    My only suggestion for you would be to add in some takeaway points e.g. because our competition is explicit not implicit, perhaps we will have to learn differently, and I will...  Ironically this is the same feedback people usually give me!

    Anyway fantastic journal, keep up the good work (smile)

  3. Managed to find your journal fine. As a member of your team I can guarantee that what you have analysed from the readings is accurate. I have personally learnt a huge amount from the team, and it has been a pretty enjoyable experience. 

    You relate the Ayrgis reading to this week well and that is nice to see you're keeping a broad knowledge of all the readings, as opposed to restricting yourself to this weeks readings. 

    Furthermore, the Katz reading in its discussion of 'learning' v 'development' is particularly relatable to last weeks reading.

    Good stuff