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Coming in to week eight our team was beginning to worry about our SHV, before the last rollover we had been sitting below the SHV that we initially begun with and could not figure out where we were going wrong. This begun to cause conflict within our team as some members begun to argue that others ideas hadnt worked and therefore we should try their ideas. However it was hard for us because we were failing to stick with our agreed upon strategy, therefore the main problem we faced was that we were going away from our designated strategy. 

This weeks reading is all about managers learning from normal working experiences and turning this into effective management and therefore business performance. I think this reading has a strong correlation to what we have achieved with "Bob's Bikes" albeit to a lesser extent. As explained above we faced a conundrum when we started to go off strategy, however we used our previous experiences to benefit us and develop a good business strategy that enableed us to make a huge jump in our SHV by more than 20. By realising the root of our issues, following our strategy that we had set from the beginnning that aligns our goals with how we want to get places, it helped us to turn out some really good results.

Referring to the analysis stage of both Daudelins & the Blooms taxonomy readings we beleive that this is the most exciting stage of mikes bikes. Finding why an issue is occurring and then figuring out why it is happening and how we can fix it is both interesting and fun and when you get a good result from your hard work it is really satisfying. I cant wait to see the results of the next few rollovers as we try to take over China!


  1. Hi Matt,

    Well done on the learning journal, I think you did a pretty good job. You followed Daudelins theory well and reflected on your team dynamics and how this effected your overall strategy. In doing this you are reflecting on how the application of the theory can impact on performance within the Mikes Bikes simulation, so good job.

    In terms of blooms taxonomy however I think you could have addressed the actual theory a little bit more. You discuss your own experiences a lot which is good, but you don't really expand on the point you are trying to make. What is the benefit of learning from working experiences as a manager? It might also be helpful to question or challenge parts of the theory to help the reader better understand your view point.

    Despite this, the writing style was easy to follow and the content was structured in a logical manner, which helped to strengthen your ideas.

    Overall a pretty decent attempt (thumbs up)

  2. Mevs,

    You have clearly outlined the problem that your team faced this week - lack of focused strategy - however you sort of skipped over the process that you guys undertook to solve it. You talk about past experiences helping you guys get out of your issue which is good but maybe give some examples of these and how they specifically helped. With respect of the second reading that we had this week by Katz that could be a good one to draw theory from as it talks about the 3 levels of skills that managers have - technical, human and conceptual. You could use theory such as the technical skill aspect which talks about having proficiency in a specific area to talk about how certain members of your team maybe have lacked this previously which has lead to your bad results or how they have improved which has helped you come up with a more aligned strategy. 


    Good luck for the rest of the game (smile)