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After all of the worry and uncertainty suffered last week with the state of our affairs on MikesBikes, we had a very pleasurable thursday evening discovering that all that we had done had worked and our SHV had over doubled in value. Our problem for this week then emerged as we now look to see what we shall do next. With such great success from last week, we were stuck in a position where we didn't want to make abrupt risky decisions that could potentially harm us, but we also wanted to be able to keep improving and not just stay at the level we were at. This led to a lot of debate at our meetings of the week.

We have been in this position before, earlier on in the semester, where we had a lot of cash to spend and our decisions were not wise and we ended up lowering our SHV and were frustratingly stuck on what we should do. We did not want to repeat this again so we were very careful with what we did. As we did get a great cash injection this year, I had some decisions to make for my department specifically as the R&D manager. After a bit of debate, our group decided that would indeed create another bike and ready it for release. As we had so much cash, we were able to to put a lot on money into the expenditure of the bike that will be beneficial for us in the future.

Further actions we ended up doing involved just a few influential decisions that would help us to continue to improve, however we coupled this with some safe decisions that would not hurt us and keep us mulling along nicely. After the roll over this thursday, we discovered that we made the right decisions as our SHV again saw a nice big rise and we are quickly catching up and nipping at the heels of the leaders in our market. We set a big goal and the start of this semester and after some tribulations, we look to be on track as long as these good results continue. 

1 Comment

  1. Hey Cameron, I apologize profusely for the late feedback!

    I found this kind of debate/conflict that you have described very relateable, and we too have found it tricky to find a balance between minimizing risk and maximizing rewards. I can see some evidence that you have followed Daudelins guidelines for reflections. A possible point you could have covered was how the debate took place, and if there were any constraints to having a constructive debate for example to show a higher level of learning. This is of course your reflection though so I will not tell you what you should reflection on. I thought it read very well and consequently I feel the writing quality is very good.

    Once again sorry for the late feedback, and I'm glad to see your team is back on track!