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Over the past couple of weeks (including the holidays), there has been a few personal incidents that have prevented me from even participating in my group to my full potential. I missed classes and did not communicate my intent to my CEO. Having a very understanding group helps and thus provides for flexibility when situations like these arise. I was thinking about how much it hurt us and the results are to see, our SHV dropped 90% but our sales and revenue/exposure match the leading teams. We overspent by a long shot and now we have to rethink our goals. This is exactly what the double loop learning method would refer too (Romero-Pareda,2012), considering the strategy to input the data will not change but our entire focus on which market to pull out from and which market to continue is absolutely crucial. We now have to re-evaluate our entire structure of decision making and see where the cracks are occurring and patch them up. We have members that are completely bewildered about their position in the team and work somewhere else which makes it really hard on turnover days. This makes it extremely difficult on the other players who are trying to compete.

I do not wish to write for no reason and make it look like a journal entry, I would rather communicate the honest occurrences regarding my participation this week. The other team members had to work on a few things on their own this week where I usually take a very vocal role but we had too many absenteeism and other assignments that it made for our worst week yet. I am still dealing with some personal stuff but to see our team go from Number 1 to Number 6 in terms of SHV is painful and will require a carefully crafted comeback of sorts in order to make some sort of difference.

If there is anything that pertains to the learning method and this week is that momentum is very important. If you lay off the gas for even a week, your plans become unstuck and one can see the harsh effects on the SHV. Momentum is key and I think we need to build it up again and go from there. I am still looking forward to the whole simulation playing out but lets see if this dip can spark some fire under our asses and get us going! 




  1. Hi Simran, 

    I'm glad I'm reading your journal because at least I now understand how you feel about our group dynamics, and your exactly right. I am quite demotivated now, i think its mainly because i don't really know how to help our team due to my HR position. i feel as guilty as hell not knowing how i can be useful. Perhaps we need to set up different meeting times, if you want to post on fb when you may be free that could be helpful. I'll ask everyone to do so i just don't think our usual meet ups are working by the sounds of things. Unless we set up meeting times on a weekly basis, first person at uni tells us the lab we are in and we go straight there?

    Anyway back to your journal, I appreciate the fact that its not too long, I also appreciate that you understand why you couldn't make the team meetings, rather than having a go at your team members for being the problem. I agree with what your saying and yes double loop learning is a necessity for us we need to critically reflect on our development and I would even suggest changing our strategy. i know that this dip has helped me to understand that i need to start helping to pull this team back together, I would say that would be part of my role.

    i would say to get to a higher level of Daudelin's framework you may have needed to comment more in depth about the reading, and perhaps use the other reading to reinforce what you are trying to say. What I would also like to know is how you would fix this absenteeism, I think for most of our team this hole we are in now will be enough to get us going, but if it doesn't how would you go about fixing it. Would you have one big meet up session or change the meeting times because that is clearly what we need to be focusing on?? but yes I think that we have become demotivated, we just can't be bothered to show up and we need to fix it somehow?  

  2. Hi Simran, 

    I found your journal was well structured and written – you have briefly touched on the readings 'double loop' learning and how it related to your group with examples. The only thing that I recommend is that you use Daudelin's framework in more depth I can see that problem was the decrease in (shareholder value) but there was no reflection on how to solve the problem using Daudelin's four stages of reflection. Other than that, was a great recap of our groups rollover.