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As each week passes by I feel that the readings become more relatable to our experiences and a source of knowledge to help motivate us in the future.
I will have to admit after this week’s rollover I was devastated by our dramatic decrease in SHV. As CEO it was humiliating and shameful to be scarred by this unexpected turn of events. It is easy to feel down until the next rollover but I feel that this experience is a positive mistake for our team to learn as we have great confidence in our business model and the success it has taken us so far. From being the top of our world now to last place I feel that we have been shaken out of that big comfort zone we were in and too ambitious to climb up the ladder against other worlds. I will admit that our company’s organization has become too relaxed and becoming unorganized and I blame myself for not being more prepared so that we can have more time to dwell on ideas and not make human error in entering figures on the program. From this week’s reading, Synnott (2013), concept of single loop learning is exactly what happened to our team’s performance this week. We were very confident in the direction of our company was going but overlooked key aspects of the company in relation to operations and HR. The mistake we made and the result it produced obviously hit every team member hard. One thing I can say with comfort is that it is an easy fix to make and it could have been a lot worse. Our reports proved that our company has a lot of potential to improve and get back into the competition. This week everyone in our team has been notified of the reasons to why our company’s performance has resulted in this and the simple changes we need to fix. This weekend my team and I will critically think and challenge any underlying assumptions and premises of our next move, in order to not make the same mistakes again. This means we will have to reflect much more on our performance and the possible outcomes for next week’s rollover as well as other team’s strategy. Overall I believe this devastation will become a huge testament to our team’s hunger and will to rise again and how strong we are as a company to go past the scrutiny of  failure. I still look forward to the future because in any time when you get knocked down and if you can look up, you can get up.

Synnott, M. (2013). Reflection and double loop learning: The case of HS2. Teaching Public Administration, 31(1), 124--134. doi:10.1177/0144739413479950

1 Comment

  1. Hi Kim,

    I really enjoyed reading your journal, as a team member I too was shocked with the results. By reading your journal, which was written very well, I was able to understand the problem as you have articulated and analyzed it well. You have also outlined possible actions to take to overcome these problems which is something I find when I review others peoples work is not done well. Overall I think you have used the Dahdelin structure well. An improvement you may look into is defining what single loop is and  how that relates performance of our team.