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For this week's rollover, things are running smooth and according to plan. Our results was satisfying but there are still some problems that requires further attention and solution. Now, I want to relate the matters of values and goal with individual's action. As a team, we should all participate and contribute equally in this group work, we all share the same (at least similar) values and goal. Thus, we develop commitments to our choices in order to reach or support our stated goals. This is referred as the single loop learning in Synnott (2013). In this process, we are able to learn and proceed our learnt knowledge into actions. However, our learning is only generated to improve our performance, to have a better result. This model shows our reflection will only flows back into analyzing the same problem. For instance, there was a significant amount of est lost sales on one of the bikes, the problem was not enough capacity to produce. We then align our action to produce more capacity as a solution to the problem. However, the problem of lost sales occurred again, it proves we lacks learning and directed by underlying assumptions that were unchallenged and therefore inefficient as a strategy. This is referred as blocked learning in Synnott (2013). When we choose to learn passively towards improving our performance. 

Another problem occurred to me is the idea of an individual's set goal and their willingness to contribute towards it. We all have a set goal at the beginning of this course, but factors like poor performance, lack of learning, equal contribution to team work has influenced our set goal. This correlation between performance result in Mikesbikes and our values and goals is immense. I wouldn't be surprised if my team member just start to slacking off and sulk in their negativity if our result was bad. The model of single loop learning supports this correlation between results and our values. 

The double loop learning is the next stage. It requires us to challenge our underlying assumptions and premises that support our stated goals. For instance, reducing lost sales, the underlying assumption was not enough capacity, but this problem occurred again, I will need to look behind the problem, if there is any other factors contributing to the cause of this problem. I will need to break the passive learning pattern and challenge assumptions that I make, to make a positive correlation between performance result and set goal.


Synnott, M. (2013). Reflection and double loop learning: The case of HS2Teaching P public Administration, 31(1), 124--134. doi:10.1177/0144739413479950


  1. Hi (smile)

    You did a good job at linking your experience this week with this week's journal and you've made some really good points and presented a nicely flowing journal.

    I think you would benefit by following Daudelin's structure because then you would have to identify solutions that might help solve the all of these problems that you've mentioned.

    In your conclusion you said that you need to look behind the problem, try going into detail about this- how, exactly, will you go about this problem?

    Anyways, good journal overall (thumbs up) See you on Wednesday! (smile)

  2. Hey Caitlin,

    I thought that the first half of your journal was well structure and linked to the readings in a way that was easy to understand and comprehend.

    You yourself mention trying to break out of the passive learning techniques you were stuck in, and this could also be put into the way your learning journals are written up. Looking at what problems have occurred and analyzing them in a more in depth scope will help. Aswell as not being limited to just what the readings that particular week say could help with the development overall.

    A good journal though well done 

    Seeya during the week.