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It was a stress and tough week since we have experienced a serious failure. Before the break, our team had the decreased SHV but we realized our general performance seems alright. In this case, we modified our bikes and changed a lot of figures by analysing the figures and diagrams. Unfortunately, the final performance was horrible and we had extremely low SHV. At this point, blaming the others is definetly a bad idea since it will demotivate the team members' performance. According to the Reading "Teaching Smart People How to Learn", defensive reasoning can block learning even if the person has been well educated. I personally believe that at this stage, I should develop the ability to reason rather than use emotion. The first thing I will do is to analyse the performance of the firm, despite I strongly believe the key reason that contributed to such low SHV was because of our poor plan in the beginning of the game. I do understand that now is the time for us to change our overall strategy plan.

From this failure, I also learned that we should not think things in the extremely complicated ways. In the past, our strategy plan seems work well and we have gained high market share. However, now we have changed a lot on our strategy and decisions, and our current strategy is completely different to our original plan. Many of us thought that think things in a complicated ways can lead to success but this proves that play games in a simple, but careful and well organized ways is relatively easier to lead the team to the successful goal.

Another important thing I have learnt this week from the reading is there is a contradiction between our thoughts and real actions. I have a very deep feeling about this knowledge in this reading since I do feel my action is frequently different from my mind. For example, sometimes I decided to finish certain amounts of works in this day; unfortunately, due to my lack of focus, I frequently ran out the time and I ended up with poor achievement. For my personal opinion, contradiction between our thoughts and behaviours is always due to our lack of focus. Poor ability to focus can brings a lot of disastrous consequences to our lives, it negatively influences our academic and job performance, and once we got used to the poor level of focus, we frequently not able to stick with our life plan. No matter how beautiful our life plans are, without strong focus, we won't stick with our plan and the ending result is- Failure. I think this is why ancient Chinese always said that tolerance is a great virtue, this is true, we should always set up a good plan for our life goals, once we set it up, stick with our plans with strong focus and tolerance, this can also help us to remove the negative thinking and reshape our subconcious mind.

Anyway, things definetly went wrong and I do believe there is a toughness which our whole team is currently facing.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    An interesting journal this week which I enjoyed reading through the eyes of a team member.

    Times were tough this week and we did see it in our roll-over. As you pointed out in your first paragraph we could blame each other, blame ourselves, but this all leads to de-motivation. I also go along the lines of agreeing with you in your second paragraph. Our first strategy was straight forward and everyone in our team were on the same page, times got complicated from there on afterwards and I felt we tried to do too much.  

    Focusing seems to be a high priority for you in your life. I really found this was an intense paragraph where I was able to look at my peer in a way outside of being at uni and how you handled yourself. You have shown me that even though you are a bright, sparky, ball of energy, you still find things stressful in life. Our team is here to help you mate and we are always here to listen to any advice or things you want to talk about whether they are uni or personally related.

    Overall Thomas this was a good journal with a little bit of grammar error (English being your second language so it must be hard) but with a great structure.

    Good luck and will see you tomorrow (smile)


    1. Thanks for everyone's comments, yep, grammatical errors are expected since I finished this journal in 10 minutes haha, so didn't have time to check those "detailed" things, but yes i will fix that and practice more on my writing.

  2. Hi Thomas

    I really enjoyed being able to see through the perspective of a fellow team member this week. It definitely has been a tough and stressful week!

    Your first paragraph focuses on the crux of the issue, sharing your belief that one of the reasons we performed poorly this week was due in part to the initial strategy. Though this strategy did merit us a healthy first rollover, looking back we should have changed our strategy from that second rollover, and changed again for our third rollover. Something to look forward towards in the coming week is how we can go about doing this. I really liked the point you made about using your ability to reason over your emotional judgement. Emotional judgement isn't a bad thing - in fact it can bring a team together, but it sounds like the ability to reason is the most objective lens to use to measure our current situation and come up with solutions moving forward. 

    I also really liked the honesty you showed in this journal. Lack of focus, and not meeting our personal deadlines can be both stressful and annoying, and it's something we all face. I find what helps me to keep to my deadlines is by reminding myself that intent requires action and action requires intent, and I think the focus you wish to pinpoint into all your tasks can benefit from this. Just as Jono has said, your honesty shows that as optimistic and cheerful as you are, deadlines, tasks and other things can still get burdensome, and we are all here to share in that with you. We're just a phone call, a txt, a facebook message, or a team meeting away (smile)

    Overall, I found your reflection truthful and direct, and as Jono said, a couple of spelling/grammar errors but given that English is a second language I can completely understand! I also found that you didn't particularly stick to the Daudelin model, but given that it's hard to come up with any kind of solution for this problem until we have another team meeting and discuss strategies, I can see why.  

    I hope you can turn these concerns of yours into action and we can all help each other, and motivate each other to get ourselves out of this rut!

    See you tomorrow Thomas! (smile)