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I thought that this week’s reading was very applicable to our daily life experience. According to Chris Argyris (1991), people or even professionals are unable to learn because of their attitude towards failure.  It may possibly be because they have inexperience in failure, or it may simply be because they believe failure is the root of humiliation and disappointment. Too many times they avoid being blamed and start to put themselves in a condition state called self-denial, letting their egotistic nature take over -forgetting to analyse and drill into what really happened and critically reflecting upon it to make better future decisions.

For example, when my team did extremely badly for Mikesbikes, I noticed how at first, every member started to blame other things as an explanation for our poor performance subconsciously. They started blaming the fierce competition, or the fault of taking the debt away, not looking hard enough, inadequate knowledge on how to operate things etc. According to Argyris (1991) we as a group, had already placed ourselves in a bad position for learning. We had forgotten to step back and analyse the problem. We were too focused on the outcome than trying to figure out exactly where it went wrong, why it went wrong, how it went wrong and what we can do to fix the problem.

It was only after each individual member started accepting the failure, critically reflecting upon the situation that we started to take decisive actions. Perhaps it would have even been a good idea to reflect on our individual performance first and then the team’s performance. Anyways, I’ve noticed how my group began to become more open to ideas and is strategically making plans to put ourselves back on our feet.

To be totally honest, I am actually quite happy that we made a few mistakes here and there. I am glad that we can learn from our mistakes now, to prevent us from making bigger mistakes in the future. Now that we’ve learned how to fall, I guess it is time for us to learn how to fly because everyone makes mistakes, and that’s just a process of learning. With the right type of attitude and mind, accepting the challenges behind and beyond us, I believe that anyone can survive their worst situations. Hopefully ours included.


  1. I think we've pretty much reached a point where we have prepared for the worst, but yet have hope for the best. At least the learning journals are worth more, so...good luck. It was also interesting to see how my other team members write their journals.

  2. Well Done Mira lol the reviewers this week is so weird with so many of our team reviewing ourselves and each other. I thought you did the final step of Daudelin's framework well. I hope you can spread your wings and recover from your situation! you did a good job of outlining the problem too. Good quality writing that was easy to follow as well. Good luck (smile)