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Finally the result for the third rollover is out. I think our team is working toward to right direction and on the way to succeed. It was not easy and we didn’t realize how well we did until Peter told us. It’s definitely something that our team worth celebrating. Maybe not during the semester but after all rollovers are completed. Before thinking about the celebration, I need to finish this learning journal.

Reading this week’s reading by Chris Argyris (1991), I felt the content in this reading was similar to something that my dad had been trying to tell and teach me in the past few years. It was not about how I should learn, but about my attitude in dealing with problems. He encouraged me to think beyond the answers in my mind and think of other possible answers. Looking at the problem from other perspectives will allow us to see the different ways people define and solve problems. This is why sometimes people say there are no right or wrong answers, because they are just looking at problems from another perspective. Therefore we should not make judgments without thinking other possibilities. I think this is in a way like the double-loop learning model, which encourage people to challenge their underlying assumptions and not purely use their own “theory” to view problems. I think it is also about teach us not to be too biased towards one side and being close-minded.

I may have made myself sound like I’m an open-minded person and have a great attitude in dealing with problems. Unfortunately I feel I still have a lot to improve on.  The reason might be that I’m lacking experience in communication and interaction with people. Just like reasoning, some basic skills can be taught, but we also need to practice and use it to become more experienced. Or the other reason might simply be lack of creativity and being less able to think outside the square. I have realized this problem last year and have tired to overcome it. I am still in the process of improving. I hope I will see some improvements soon.

Sorry, I didn’t really follow the Daudelin and Bloom’s taxonomy much. That’s all I could think of when I read the readings. And I hope I’m not off topic. (sad)



Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learnReflections, 4(2), 4-15


  1. Hey Daisy!

    I actually like how you abandoned Daudelin and Bloom and used your own thoughts instead without fitting them to a structure.  While they can be good to use, I feel like I got a lot more of your own thoughts and opinions on the reading this week (which were quite insightful) without using them.

    In regards to you concerns about communication, as your team mate I can say that I see yo as being very able to communicate to us what you think about the decisions we are making.  You always offer your opinion and aren't afraid to disagree with a decision or offer and alternate perspective (like yo talk about in your journal entry) which is great!  My advice to you then would be to keep going, as you are improving. :)

  2. Hi Daisy!

    I quite liked reading your journal especially how you used your own personal thoughts and opinions. It is great that you identified a problem (communication) and suggested solutions such as more practice as well as your willingness to overcome it! Like Beth mentioned above you are doing really well in our team meetings with offering your opinion (smile) 

    My only suggestion for your journal would be just to proof read it and perhaps use Bloom's taxonomy. Don't abandon using your personal experiences and insights just incorporate it into Daudelin and Bloom's taxonomy just so that your summative journal will be so much easier to write. Other than that, great stuff!