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In the first week back from the semester break, we have to make decisions for our third rollover. From the first two rollovers before the break our SHV fell dramatically. We cannot even say we have made profits from our bikes. Overall we are marked as poor performance firm in our region, and of course we are hardly able to foresee great opportunity for our firm's future growth. Our strategy is to become cost leadership in the industry but our development collapsed under a huge advertising war. Our products have low awareness comparing to other competitors. Leading firms have already taken the market by crazy advertisement and have become monopolies in the first rollover. The situation turned us down. However we got help from Peter and his suggestion is that we have not hit the “rock bottom” yet so we did not need any extra help (such as cash) at that stage. He also suggested us to reduce production costs and increase product quality. Then we had a long meeting during the break. We sit together and thought about what our faults and what we can do to grow opportunity for ourselves. We restudied and worked on every department of the company to figure out how they actually function and how to improve our performance.


Regarding to Daudelin's reading, hopefully we “learn from experience”. The experience of lost sales, lack of workers, low product quality, low product awareness leads to huge loss of SHV. Each week we have difficulties to compromise the appropriate decisions for each department. I believe it is somehow we do not have effective communication among the team. Another failure reason I can think of is as Daudelin mentioned that development of capacities to learn from current work situations and adapt the learning to new situations. This needs elaborate techniques and new processes that emerge each rollover period. Our team has no prediction of what other firms would plan for next rollover. This is one of the mistakes that leads us to the current situation. Other than those reasons, Daudelin thinks that managers should recognise value and take responsibility for their own learning. We need to keep studying our departments and create the best structure for decision making.


Our team is looking forward to seeing result of this rollover. This is the chance for us to fight again. As long as we stay positive on own learning. There is always hope.



Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflectionOrganizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48

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  1. Every team has its own challenges. My team has a difficulty to turn investment into profits. It finally turns out loss of production and efficiency. Do not let disappointment leads to further failure. I should stay positive and figure out what went wrong for your decision making process. I suggest our team needs a meeting to complete analyse our situation or position. Firstly we need to identify our mistakes. If we cannot find them ourselves, we will need to ask help from tutors or perhaps from other teams as well. Secondly we will need solution. Solution can be found from research and assistance from smartsims. We definitely need a proper plan for our next rollover. Never give up! "There is always hope."

  2. Hi Jude, it's going to be weird reviewing a team member but hopefully the points i make are helpful!

    Firstly you have summed up some great points which i can relate to very much being on the same team and all, you have identified problems you think your team can work on which is great, however it would be even better if you could write out how to solve these problems and how you and your team could work through these problems, and then giving examples and relating it back to that weeks reading to show that you understand what you have learned this week.

    Your self-reflection is great in this journal, but i would suggest to re-look at Daudelins reflection process again and knuckle that down (it's hard to follow a reflection process because everyone reflects things in a unique way, but look into it because it will definitely help you out for the big summative journal at the end of the year)

    Hope this helped you out!!