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Journal 2014week03.docx


  1. Please make sure you label your learning journal correctly. I've done it for you now. I wonder if you missed doing the labels because you were late submitting your journal?

    • One thing that stood out to me was the use of “everything”. You say “if someone is expected to lead they must first understand everything they are leading”. I don’t think that leaders do know “everything” but rather are probably better at adapting to new situations and thinking what to do next in these new situations compared to followers. Sure they must have a good understanding of what is going on in their organisation but there is likely going to be things that leaders have underestimated/not seen coming as business environments are dynamic and constantly changing.
    • I liked how you question whether it will change in the coming weeks or not but to go deeper you could possibly suggest what you think will happen and how you would combat it seeing as you are CEO. This may allow you to have more to write about on your final journal as you can compare what actually happened to this journal etc.
    • On my word count you’ve written 280 words. Although it was easy to read, from memory the minimum is 300. I understand it is not really about getting to the 300 word target but rather about getting all your thoughts together for your 80% journal. My suggestion is to write a bit more each week so that the big journal at the end is easier to write. Just my suggestion but I understand everybody has different workloads.
    • All this being said, it was an enjoyable journal to read and you have linked it well to the readings which will also allow more depth when it comes to the 80% journal. Well done
  2. I would say your journal is interesting overall as your points are easy to understand even without using real life examples. I like your writing style as well, just simple and precise. I would suggest you to use your personal experience as example to strengthen your argument. This is a piece of simply beautiful writing. Keep going and I believe you will change better after this week.

  3. Adam, your learning journal would probably benefit from being more focused. It would have been better to do either 'effective followership' or 'Level 5 leaders'. As it stands, the learning journal skips rather lightly over both topics. 

    There is little evidence of progression through either Daudelin's recommended structure to learning journals or Kolb's experiential learning cycle. It might help if you started with something you did during the week that did not go the way you had hoped. In describing it you would naturally begin with some concrete experience. That way you could then use either Daudelin's or Kolb's framework to deepen your reflection and learning.

    A good test of a learning journal is to ask yourself at the end of the journal, "What can I do (or am now trying to do) differently or better than before I began".

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I will try to incorporate it in this weeks one. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish a meaning or place for improvement if all is going well. Aversion creates the need for change but statuesque provides very little to contemplate. Would it be beneficial to incite aversion within the group dynamic or is there another way to tackle this problem of no problems?

  4. "No problems" ... recast it as something that you've done that you would like to do even better.