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First of all to It has been a hectic week where each team had to get ready for the first practice roll over as well as dealing with the issue of a certain team which most people are aware of.
I personally would like to give a small perspective in regards to the people who were involved with team selection process and the fairness to it.
First of all I would like to say that in the real world this kind of issues happen often and we do live in a society where corruption or greed takes place e.g. American politics and other large global corporations.
I guess it was assumed that as a student I had the assumption of trusting these other students and giving them the benefit of the doubt of not tampering with the team selection process. Yes it was ethically wrong in the student class community but they had every right and power to do so. Kudos to them but I wished they had reconsidered but now it is all in the past.

Having said this, as a CEO it was hard to digest the issue and move on focusing with our team and task priorities. I am very new to leading a team as I have always been the 'good follower' and so it was a challenge for me to collaborate with the team and make decisions together and ultimately for me to make the last call. I am very confident with the mikesBikes simulation but the challenge for me was to make sure everyone would be inclusive of this program and make sure they feel they have a sense of passion to help us to achieve our end goal. I proudly admit that I did need someone on the team to help me pave the direction with their leadership skills. I do not believe that a CEO should be the only person to control the team like a dictator, instead be more like a coach and team player from leading by example. For example one of my team members was having trouble in the research and development section and targeting the market as well as deciding on the prime cost per unit. I had to lead by example and demonstrate to them on how to calculate the prime costs and justify each stage. As a result they gained the knowledge to be able to work on the next rollover in relation to their job role.  From this week’s experience I saw some leadership qualities from my marketing manager and which was much appreciated because it made me feel more comfortable that there is other ideas and perspectives that I can listen to and analyze to make the final decisions. Kelly’s (1988) and Collins (2005) reading states that you do not have to be a CEO to be the leader or be in a position of top management. You could argue that from my position I would see it as a threat or ‘clashing of heads’ but as an introvert I love to stand back and listen to what everyone has to offer with their ideas or suggestions.




Collins, J. C. (2005). Level 5 leadership: the triumph of humility and fierce resolveHarvard Business Review, 83(7/8), 136--146

Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142--148


  1. I'm glad to see you got your learning journal in on time.

  2. Hello Kevin, 

     First of all, I agree with your sentiments regarding the situation in which the groups were chosen. The reality of the business environment is that people take advantage of any power indifference they achieve and why should we expect any better from business students. I think there were not enough safeguards up against such a move, so firms take advantage of regulatory 'gaps' to move ahead. The law is often lagging behind and responds to these regulatory gaps.

    To deal with your issue to listening and learning, It cannot be overstated. The importance of listening is immensely downplayed in leadership roles. Your idea of listening and really understanding each and everyone's perspective before making a final decision which has your own influence embedded into it is the best way to move forward, especially among members that are still somewhat strangers to each other. The clashing of heads may occur when we have people who are arguing for their side without the weight of rationale. The manner in which you described your role in providing insight for one of your team members (prime costs) is exactly what a good leader (according to the readings and my own opinion) is capable of doing. He/she can initiate learning without being overbearing and in the process create a environment of listening to each other is key! 

    The journal is full of moments of before and after with descriptions of how the learning was initiated which is excellent to see. I would prefer this than a summary of the readings, as you see how people reflect on experiences and incorporate them into learning models. Keep up the good work and I think it takes a few weeks for the CEO to really gauge what type of leadership is required depending on the environment. You seem to have a good support group around you and best of luck for the rest of the class. 



  3. Apologies for the late feedback, was having issues with loading the page. Like Harsimran, I also agree with that point you made regarding how in real life situations like the following occur. I don't think its fair to say this team intentionally did what they did in order to cheat or be 'corrupt' as you have stated, but rather the fact that they did not think beyond their actions nor think about the consequences and flow on effects from their decision.

    You have an interesting writing style, this was captivating and enjoyable to read and be able to share your personal experience. My only advice would be to proof read your work as there are a few minor spelling and grammatical errors. Also, perhaps use more integration of theory rather than just sharing personal opinion and experience. By doing so, it would shift this piece from being a simple diary entry to more of a learning journal.

    Good luck for the rest of your entries!