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Firstly this week has been a successful week in regards to our first practice roll over, due to the fact that our scheduled class times are used for working in our groups on MikesBikes. I feel like our group has overcome that awkward meeting stage and actually worked together cohesively in producing, in our eyes, a successful SHV. Although it is a practice run and there is yet many things that are needed to be worked on, I do think we are on a great track. I am ensuring that I am continuously learning something new each week in order to make sure that I’m benefiting from this course.

This week’s readings covered the topic of effective leaders and followers. Because we are entirely working in groups this semester, I felt the content that was illustrated in these readings were interesting and valuable. Not only for this course but for future experiences as well. This week I particularly thought that ‘In Praise of Followers’ by Robert E. Kelley (1988) was interesting as it underlined what distinguishes a leader and a boss. From my experience, a leader is someone who influences and interacts with their counterparts. Whereas a boss is seen more of demanding and dictates their followers. The different level of emotional bonds is what sets them apart.  Leaders have a more established relationship to their followers as they have that influential aspect to them, in comparison to a boss I think is more on the surface. Kelley (1988) also highlighted that an effective follower and an effective leader is the same people but in different roles. In some degree I do feel that this is true as being an effective follower, you will have to have the qualities of a leader. But what sets them apart is the confidence to actually step up to be the leader and take on that title. There are numerous times where people would try avoid taking on that label as it can seem like a whole step up. Challenge is not always initiated. Overall I don’t think anyone in my group has yet to gain the title of being an effective leader, even though we have a CEO in place. I guess later in the weeks it will be much clearer. For now I think focusing on being an effective follower is something I'm going to try bring to the table.  


Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142


  1. Your journal this week is very interesting, I really enjoy the way that you have reflected on the readings in regards to your personal opinion on what a true leader is to you. I also found the readings super helpful in regards to what to be expected from a leader, which from the sounds of things, is still something that is yet to be seen. So I strongly support your decision in being the best follower- and hopefully that goes well!! Overall, great learning journal this week, you seemed to grasp what Kelley was talking of in his reading, have a great week (smile)

  2. Glad to hear that the first roll-over went successfully for you and your team. Reading about this was a good inclusion in your journal, however a more in-depth look at it would have added more layers to your writing and show us just how exactly you are ensuring that you learn something each week. For example, how did your group go about getting a successful SHV in the roll-over? Did any of the learning models from earlier in the course, ie Bloom's Taxononomy, Kolb's learning cycle or Daudelin, aid your learning in some way? It is never a bad thing to bring back readings from past weeks and show how they are relevant in the present. 

    The detail about the lack of an outright leader in your group was very interesting. How do you think this has affected the team dynamic? Is it positive or negative? Answering some of these questions as well as a simple edit would only add to an already good learning journal!