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I started to write this reflection on Saturday before we were put into teams in the hope of getting my readings done asap. I went on about how terrible I still am at mikes bikes and how I wish I was good enough to earn the big bucks, to be CEO. I was also contemplating the pros and cons of the qualities I know I possess, the qualities I wish I had, etc…. basically moaning about how sucky my life is. The most important question I asked myself was “how will I be useful to my group?”

Maybe I can be the one to organize my team, make sure everyone is happy working together, negotiate a team strategy, I can organize the meet up sessions. I can make sure the CEO treats everyone equally, the goals of the organization coincide with what individuals in the team value as well as the future decisions made. I want everyone to feel free to express their opinions and manage themselves as we are university students and can do so. When I met my group for the first time I received my role as HR manager and after reading up on the role requirements…it fits with what I know I am good at!!

But then again, don’t I want to be good at the logistics of business management and is the HR role even what I want? I feel as if I need to up skill in operations management or CFO because in real life I feel as if my ‘brilliant’ negotiation and organizational skills will not be enough to get me recruited. My role is very ambiguous and what values or factors can I even negotiate in the simulation?? As you can see I am very ambivalent about whether my role is worth anything!!       
After our first strategic team meeting, I was hoping my group would be an effective working team because now that I know I am the HR manager my role is to make sure the team communicates, negotiates and works together. All I can hope is for is that there will be no team conflict on the first day please, otherwise my job will not be smooth sailing and I will be held accountable for the bad SHV result. Although I’m still useless at mikes bikes and will learn but always remain to be the worst at mikes bikes in my team, sitting down with my team helped me understand how the HR role is very useful. Mainly, I would be working with operations management so there would be important factors of the business to assess. I decided that not only do I want to be a leader who earns big bucks and teaches others interpersonal skills, but I also want to be a follower to learn from others. I am all the more ready to partake in team work!

With our first practice rollover on Thursday, the CEO began consulting with everyone regarding their roles and what they need to be looking at. Our team seems to be quite good at negotiating possible ways to improve the elements of our business and discussing with us how changing one factor can have a detrimental or advantageous effect on others. If we increase or decrease planned production we have to change SCU, advertising, employee training and the quality of products etc. The team meeting helped me to understand what I did wrong in my Solomike business, I had made minimal changes in marketing and operation management which had a detrimental effect on my SHV, I need to put more into advertising, PR and branding so that my product is well known. Regarding my role as HR director I should research supplier relations, investor relations, training time and employee number (mainly the responsiveness and quality tab). I need to maintain good external relationships and a strong internal workforce. I will research this week and post my recommended values up on Mgmt300 fb page tonight, and see how my team respond. I feel good with my team, I trust them and their knowledge and am glad I can learn from them to better myself.

Friday morning we had a $20 SHV for the Christchurch area!! Now that is pretty good, however we need to increase product awareness by increasing advertising, branding or PR. We also have $8 million cash to go crazy with for our 2nd practice rollover. God I love my team!  


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  1. As I read this journal I kept thinking, “wow this person is really good at understanding and breaking down all of their emotions and experiences.” Of course, now that I have finished reading that completely fits with what you explained. You are great at interpersonal skills, at understanding others, and that lends you to be very good at understanding yourself. I really enjoyed reading this journal because of the way you were able to sit me down and walk me through your week, which is not an easy thing to do. You interpreted your thoughts and experiences really well and I would like to commend you for that.

    The one thing I would critique is that I think you might have missed the mark a little on what you should be writing about. You wrote about your problems from the week and the solutions you came up with; however, I think you might benefit from approaching these journals slightly differently. Instead of trying to encompass an entire week and all of the experiences you had, try giving it a more focused approach on one, maybe two, things that you are really taking away from this week as having learned. Let’s say that this week what you learned was what the role of HR director really entailed and how to use that role in your team. You can use the description you already gave of that scenario, but instead of then continuing on and discussing other issues you faced, take the time to break down what you learned from this experience with a new position on a new team and how it ties back to a reading or other academic source, like how the role requires a balance of being a good follower and also leading and then tying it back to the reading “In Praise of Followers.”

    Hope this helps and keep up the good work!

  2. It is great how you have written this reflection over the course of the week. This is the first reflection I have seen like this and it really shows how reflection can take longer than a few hours. Each day you are experiencing something new which can lead to a potential solution to the problem. To improve on this I suggest that you put labels in, for example break it up into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. I see you have done this for a few paragraphs but it wont hurt to make it clearer.

    You are taking your role of HR Manage very seriously which is great. Not only are you doing this role within the simulation but also outside of it by keeping everything running smoothly with your team. You have clearly shown what you need to work on and that you know how to improvement on those elements to make sure you are contributing to your team.

    Some improvements would be to put in text citations in. This will clearly show where you have talked about the readings and where connections have been made. Next time talk more about the readings. Select a problem or two that can link back to the reading. This is really important

    Overall great journal!