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Week three, the week of decisions (literally), and action has been the most interesting so far. After the formation of the groups, and the somewhat awkward first meetings, we were in the forming stage of the establishment in our group. Which really brought to light what the weeks of teamwork may entail. We have a confident leader, and members committed to doing the best we can for our company.


Through reading Kelley, R.E (1988) on ‘level 5 leaders’ I began to think of my group and how this theory may relate to us. In our group we have very much built a united mentality; we are all striving to win and achieve the highest in ever area. Credit must be given to our CEO, who I think is closer to a quieter leader that cares about the team as a whole, rather than a leader who is in it for the glory and short-term gain. I think it is important to have a leader who ‘leads’ but is not ‘above’ any other members i.e. isn’t better than any other member. Which will hopefully mean that all members feel respected and create a sense of ‘togetherness’. While, without our CEO our group wouldn’t be as well established or operate as well I strongly believe that without rest of the team and their hard work the company would also crumble.


I am not fond of the word ‘follower’ as I think it indicates a lower level of skill and accountability, I believe ‘team member’ or terms similar give credit to their skill and achievements as well – as an organisation would not function without people working with and around the ‘leader’ (Collins, J. C, 2005). Leaders themselves of companies often give major credit to their lower level executives and one even stating that some of his employers could do his job just as well if not better (Kelley, R.E, 1988). In the beginning stages of our team, our CEO has stepped up and taken control in terms of team formation, member responsibility and has very much helped align our goals and structured what we are all working towards, which is where the importance of a leader had become apparent. But in the specific tasks of each sector, the team members responsible for their own areas have worked hard to make the best decisions they can, in order to achieve the goal we are all striving too. Without both of these elements, we would have made mediocre decisions, if any decisions at all.


For both leaders and team members, the idea that we should never stop trying to be qualified for the job at hand (Kelley, R.E, 1988) is an excellent way to begin and maintain a winning group dynamic.


Collins, J. C. (2005). Level 5 leadership: the triumph of humility and fierce resolveHarvard Business Review, 83(7/8), 136--146


Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142--148


  1. This is a great learning journal. You have brought together evidence of the readings alongside your personal experiences very well within your journal for this week. I like how you made the connection between your current situation in your group and the reading.

    However, I think this learning journal is a bit slacked towards 'leader' and not much about 'followers'. You could mention a bit more about how a leader and followers work together to make a team more efficient. This is definitely not a big problem though. Overall a great journal and i enjoyed reading it.

  2. Hi Chelsea,

    I am so happy for you that you are in a good team with a nice team leader. Why I like your journal is because you linked your personal team experience with this week theories, and especially, you have your own critical thinking. For example, you don't think team members are just 'followers' while they are more active participators and contributors.

    However, it seems that you did not think deep about those concept of this week's readings, instead, you just took several sentences from them without a close look.

    But anyway, it is still a good journal. All the best for the upcoming week!