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This week was a good week. Being able to finally sit down with my team and discuss our strategies for how we are going to win mikes bikes was awesome. Initially, as I stated in my first learning journal, I was sceptical about Mikes Bikes and the value it would provide versus a normal lecture however after practice week one I have discovered that I am really enjoying that hands on practical approach to learning.

Our first meeting as a team started off quiet but we soon realised we all shared the same desire to achieve and as Spreier et al (2006) says “this is a major source of strength." We have set some pretty lofty goals and developed what we believe will be a sound strategy to perform well. I am glad that we have a practice week as this will help us experiment as a team using all of our combined knowledge from solo mikes which will help us succeed.  Blooms Taxonomy was relevant to this weeks teamwork. We progressed through a few of the stages when we were making the decisions in particular the knowledge, comprehension and application stages which are extremely relevant to this Mikes Bikes and in next weeks journal I will touch on the analysis and evaluation stages as we see the results of our decision making from the first rollover practice.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks as we put our plan into action and really begin to see what our team can do together.


  1. Hi Matt

    Your reading reflection shows some elements of Daudelin's learning process, however there is a lot more depth that can be achieved here in terms of analysis and evaluation. analysis of why or how the situations developed and how you learned from them or how you could do better in the future. For example, how did you team use blooms taxonomy, use example and analyse hem to understand the situation so that you can better understand it and see where the learning occurred. Also, you need to attach the list of resources you are using in your journal. (smile) Lastly, I would like to mention that your writing style is very easy to read and made reviewing this learning journal an easy task  (smile).



  2. You touched on some really great concepts, but I feel you lacked any real detail in this journal. I actually gave you feedback last week and read that journal as well, so the change from this week since last is really surprising to me. You provided some great insight last week, which I can see you also touching on this week, but the difference is the way you really broke things down last week and provided lots of detail and specific examples. I would say that this week that is the biggest element you are missing. Add in a few specific examples and tie them explicitly back to Bloom’s Taxonomy or the Spreier reading you mentioned and this could be a really excellent journal.