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Compared to last week, this week has been much worse. The only highlight was probably Peter playing Indian music for me at the beginning of the lecture on Tuesday. Some contributions towards my bad week include being chosen to be class rep by my supposed class mates, the issue which arose about the students with the highest shareholder being "randomly" put into a group together and also not being prepared for my team meetings because my simulation has not been opening for some reason.

Ever since the Multi-Player Simulation was available to us, for some reason my Macbook Pro has not been able to open up the simulation. This has set me back a lot this week because I was expected by my team to turn up to meetings with everything prepared in terms of what my position is within my team but I could not do that the whole week because my SmartSims simulation has not been opening up. After emailing the SmartSims help centre numerous times and trying different ways to make the simulation work I now am left with a feeling of disappointment within myself because I could not contribute as well as I could have towards my team's practice rollover this week. Aside from this major set back, there was an issue this week surrounding a group of students being put into a team together. This issue did not affect me as much as it affected other students that I know of, but I must admit that it did make me a tad angry. Not because of the fact that the students basically put themselves into their own group but because this contradicts almost every reading we have been given. Why do we have readings being given to us about equal opportunities and having a diversity of skills and abilities amongst teams when there is a team who were allowed to basically allocated themselves and are all probably the most capable of getting the highest shareholder price out of most of us? I understand the situation and I accept the solution that Peter announced to us but I just don't understand why it even happened in the first place. I think bottom line, it pissed me off because it contradicted the readings. 

In terms of the readings being given to us this week, I will be totally honest and say number one, I did not have any time to do them because I was too stressed about other commitments and number two, I'm not really sure if I want to do the readings if we aren't going to try and apply them to ourselves in the course. (Knowing me, I'll probably just get over it and do the readings anyway hahaha). I remember reading some of the first reading, about what makes an effective leader. Aside from that small section that I had time to read, I have honestly been too stressed and busy to read the others. The situation with the simulation had a really large and negative impact on my week and I feel the need to apologise to my team for not being able to contribute as much. Fingers crossed I get this all sorted over the weekend and prepare myself very well for next week. I plan to do this by taking a day off work and continuing to try and solve the problem with the help of the SmartSims contact centre, doing some research on my position within my team so I can become more familiar with what I actually have to do and catching up on course work for my other three papers.

Wish me luck, I'll definitely need it!


  1. Shar you can do it. I believe in you. I wish you luck.  Gurl you have no idea what this week was like for me. I have been told, just before the sun rises, the night is at its darkest hour. So breathe, smile and give the Smart sims people a piece of your mind. Then just try to see what is your strength - research, strategy, collaboration or communication and facilitation within your group and go with it. 

    1. Awww thanks Nima! Yeah the last email I sent to them was just about an hour ago, and I kind of had a go at them about how I need the simulation because of our paper etc hahaha they were probably like woah relax. Yeah they refered me to an actual technician so hopefully I get it sorted! (smile) thanks for this lil random cute comment xxxxx

  2. Your reflection is understandably dominated by the main problem you currently face in the course. I guess the problem is not really one you can analyse and reflect upon as per Daudelin and I can't really offer you any suggestions to help you, all I can do is wish you luck that your problem gets fixed soon. As Purnima suggested, perhaps you can fill another role in your team until your SmartSims is fixed.

    Your opinion regarding the self selecting team is interesting, I had thought about this problem and potential solutions with my team but not from the perspective of contradicting specific readings. I do agree that the main issue with that teams selection is losing the random diversity of skills and how to best fill team roles. 

    All I can suggest is communicating clearly to your team so they fully understand your problem and maybe do the readings in the mean time if you have time to do so.

    Good luck!


  3. I agree with Matthew, perhaps you could use the steps that Daudelin discusses in the article. I can see the struggle and pain in here! Lots to reflect on!

    I wish you the best for your group and everything (smile)