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This week has been filled with team activities and getting ourselves around Mikes' Bikes multi-player mode. It turned out the game is extremely sophisticated and requires every single team member to know their part like the back of their hand. In my opinion, this simulation game is not one that should be played in single player mode due to the myriads of aspects and details that one needs to pay extremely close attention to. It requires knowledge from not only management, but also accounting, finance, and marketing. It is hard enough a game for six Auckland University undergraduates to put in at least 2 to 3 hours a day each.

In my team's opinion, the best way to control the market from the early rounds is to risk all you have and go to that segment of the market where no one else is willing to go and do it early. However, this is no secret and the really tricky part is no one really knows what other teams have in mind. If everyone is trying to go somewhere no one else is, doesn't that mean everyone would end up investing in small markets and ignoring the supposedly best places to put the money into? Hence it is also very important to remember that we are not in single mode trying to challenge the computer whose moves are somewhat predictable. We are facing real opponents who might do the craziest things that may actually get them the trophy after 8 rounds. I will not be surprised if they are as sneaky as we want ourselves to be.

Internally, my team has got along fantastically well. The best thing about being in this team is everyone was given a specialised role in the beginning and all members in my team are happy to go along with the allocated roles. Moreover, the tasks for each character is described in details in the manual, thus everyone is very certain of what is expected of them. This makes tasks allocation so much easier and the team dynamics are as terrific as I could ever wish for. According to Kelley (1988), I believe our team consists of effective followers who are willing to do the allocated tasks as long as we know what those tasks are and how to execute them. Also, I believe we have capable members who thrive to finish our individual tasks to serve the betterment of the team since all parts are extremely interrelated and no one wants to be a burden to other team members.

Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142--148


  1. You have stated and reflected on you experiences pretty good this week. It is very interesting to read about team dynamics in another team and what kind of strategies other people are considering. Some advice for next time would be to give Dauedlins approach to reflecting a go, identify your experiences/problems, analyse this more in depth with back ups from the readings, state some hypotheses for possible solutions and finally state your solution and sum up. I can see you have done this to some extent but I struggled a little to follow the journal as a whole. However, this way you should find it easier to incorporate more of the ideas from the reading into your learning journal. Hopefully this helps somewhat, good job (smile)

  2. i really like how you described your perspective on MikesBikes. You have describe your own experience but also have reflected what other competitors think. 

    Just one thing to note, use the readings reflecting on MikeBikes can be a good way to describe how decisions were made for your group such as if you were the CEO what leadership skills have you noticed when you trying to make your team's first decision.

    I hope this can guide you along when writing your next journal (smile)