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Disclaimer: Yes I do realise this entry is late, unfortunately I have had a funeral this week so a bit behind in my studies.


So we all know the famous lyrics by Queen, "I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like." I think these lines fully reflect how I have felt this past week. This past week has been trying fro family reasons but also because I had to overcome the difficulties of mastering Mike's Bikes, thinking of something beneficial to write for my CV assignment and something that will allow a complete group of strangers to put me into a group based purely on a number and a few select words. I hope it was actually relevant is all I can say.

This week I have struggled with the initial readings and realising that especially the Oakley et al, 2004, reading goes against everything we have previously been told about working in teams. Yes I agree that the teams should be constructed from groups of people with complementary skill sets and completely understand the benefits of this type of team construction but the construction of teams done by the instructor. I understand what Peter is doing here, he is essentially preparing us for the challenges that I will essentially face at the end of the year when I begin my long anticipated career in some field of business which will hire a graduate. What I cannot seem to understand however is that if the Business School is meant to be preparing us for careers in business why are we not taught basic team skills or form teams based on how they will be constructed upon our arrival into the business world? 

The benefits of teams are definitely made clear throughout the Oakley et al, 2004, reading in which the stronger students teach the weaker, the exclusion of weaker students from groups and the isolation that can occur. My real questions however is that when I do finally meet the team (funeral was on Thursday) and we begin to think through and discuss all these elaborate plans and we establish our expctations and goals for the assignment will we actually stick to them throughout? I suppose that is more of a job for the CEO to ensure we stay on target with the expectations we set ourselves. Personally, if we cannot stick to the goals and expectations which we set as a group at the start of the project is it really measured as success? Even if we end up winning and gaining the most shareholder value....

Ok moving mike's bikes is frustrating! At first i thought it was some silly programme that was impossible to win. I began looking for cheats to actually gain shareholder value but in the end I felt like it was alot of trial and error. I eventually after 4 hours realised that I needed to increase my marketing and branding budget to increase my shareholder value but it definitely took a while. Upon figuring out the secret I ended up with $38.97 which personally was a respectable score or at least I thought but i definitely did not manage to achieve this within only 5 tries...well its a great way to start a group assignment!  

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