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When the teams had been formed, I was glad to have been given the role of CEO. Although I have never managed a team in real life, I felt as if this was a good opportunity for me to test my own ability to lead. I found the ‘Why Teams Matter’ reading by Katzenbach and Smith particularly useful. It gave me good insight and stated the important elements of teamwork. I agree with Katzenbach and Smith that trust and commitment are the two underlying critical factors of a team functioning successfully, and wanted to implement those factors into my own team. While constituting our verbal team contract, we made the unanimous decision that the most important element was for each group member to put in a reasonable and fair amount of effort in order to remain a member of our group. Agreement of these terms made us mutually accountable.

 Particular members of our team felt as if they were unqualified for the role they had been placed in, that does not go to say that they are unskilled. According to Katzenbach and Smith, a successful team is one made up of a small range of people with complementary skills working together towards a common goal, which we were. I found it interesting that Katzenbach and Smith believed that large groups were more unsuccessful than smaller groups. I was reluctant to agree, because most large corporations are indeed only large because they have been successfully built up from a small corporation. It lead to me to wonder how difficult the constant battle to maintain constructive interactions as well as juggle productivity and efficiency levels actually is.

 Our next step is to see if we can work together as a real team, and move towards being a high performance team to outperform the other teams. The majority of our team members are set to graduate at the end of this year, giving us additional incentive to perform well for this last assignment.


  1. I think that this is a excellent journal!

    It has great flow and it was very easy to read. You also incorporated the reading to your experience very well. 

    The only critique that I have for this weeks reading journal is the referencing. There is no in-text referencing and also there is no referencing at the end of the journal. So if you use referencing... then it reckon it would be an even better journal. 

  2. Hi. Firstly, I want to apologize for just writing my feedback now. I made a terrible mistake and just realized now that we have assigned journals to give feedbacks too, I thought we choose who to give feedbacks to. (Stupid mistake, I know. (smile)) Anyway, on a more important note. Here's my feedback:

    Great entry to begin with. I keep on constantly agreeing with what you are saying. You definitely know what you are talking about as you were able to relate the theories from our reading into your own examples. Your journal entry is easy to understand and read. Same with the comment above, just reference your theories and you're good to go.