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It’s Friday, and all I can think about right now is – what the heck has been thrown at me this week?! It’s only week two and I’m already pondering on the existence I have within this class. I’m filled with an array of mixed emotions i.e yay to the fact that we no longer have lectures anymore, or what the heck? How are we supposed to fend for ourselves until the end of the semester? I mean to be quite honest I’ve never really had to apply myself to a subject so much before.


There are a few things that stood out to me in regards to what I have learnt this week. One of them being – ‘in order to achieve something to the best of my ability, I simply need to put the time and effort in.’ As obvious as that sounds, I really did feel the “last-minute” wrath when it came to completing the mikes bikes section for the CV. I underestimated this task and I believe that it’s probably the most demanding thing I’ve done since I’ve been at University. Katzenbach and Smith (1992) talk about people within teams not pulling their own weight. In light of this, if I were to carry on with my “last-minute” habits, then already I have caused an environment of conflict, and I’m seriously not going to be “that person” who let’s the whole team down because of their lazy-minded thinking. Secondly, Katzenbach and Smith (1992) explain that goal diversity is a factor towards conflict when being apart of a team. This leads to my disappointment in regards to how the teams were chosen. I have been put into a good group, but we’re the only team within the class that doesn’t have a CEO? Yes, the person who runs the whole company. We do not have one. That’s already an added pressure onto what already seems to be a demanding course. I could sit and mope about it, but I guess that’s just a taste of what the real world is like. Not everything is going to be in your favour. What I took out of this problem is that we all had similar goals. And if what Katzenbach and Smith say about goal diversity being problematic, then there shouldn’t really be any problems within my group as we are all working towards a similar objective.


Reflecting upon what I have experienced in Mgmt 300 this week, I know now that I have no time to waste, and although the heavy workload is just beginning, I’m determined to push through right to the end.


Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matter. McKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3--27


  1. Good job on the journal this week. You raised quite a few matters I can relate to such as this course being very different to others and that it requires a lot of personal reflection. In terms of your question, "How are we suppose to fend for ourselves until the end of the semester?" I feel as though our learning for the rest of the semester is largely based on the readings, our experience in teams and how we can relate the two. I completely agree with what you learnt this week, that to achieve something you have to put in hard work. It was something I had to overcome myself in the first week. It was nice to see you acknowledge old habits and how you left things to the last minute in the past. To improve your reflection you could maybe give some examples of how you will change these habits in the weeks to come. For example doing the weekly readings in advance and trying to relate them to your team experience during the week. And then in the following weeks you can reflect whether this worked or you went back to old habits. In terms of your team not having a CEO, I believe it is a role that all your team members can take part in. A suggestion would be to maybe alternate the role of CEO regularly so that everyone can gain some experience in the role and maybe you will find someone on the team who quite enjoys it and would be willing to continue in the role. Overall I enjoyed reading your journal, good luck.

  2. Hi Davida!

    I really enjoyed reading your journal entry, especially when I can relate to the points that you have raised. From the solo mike experience, I too have noticed that this course requires much more effort and attention than I am giving it. But at least we now know what we need to do for the rest of the course.

    I also really liked how you applied the readings to your experiences. It really gives a statement.

    However, there are some minor mechanical errors for example: 'Katzenbach and Smith explained that'...and the question mark (question) after CEO is questionable. It should be replaced with either an exclamation mark or a period. To add on Zaynah's suggestion, to improve your future journal entries, I also kindly suggest to try to include what you have learnt about how different your team is coping without a CEO to what your team could been if you had one. This I think will make things really interesting.

    Great job! And I hope my suggestions are helpful. All the best for the rest of the course.

    Cheers (smile)

  3. Hello Davida

    First off I have to outline that I really did very much enjoy your journal entry. I think that you gave this entry much thought, as you do put up great points that I do agree, with especially on your disappointment on how the groups were made.I think the other comments point out to some great points that would help you improve your journal entry. I think that discussing how your group has faired without a CEO or how your group had in plan in tackling this obstacle would have really made this entry more distinguishable. I also think that although you do pertain to the weekly readings in this reflection, I think that you need to make more clear associations between your experience and the readings done.

    But overall a great read.