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It’s been two weeks of amazing experiences that have left me intrigued to know what will happen in the coming weeks. This week experience with MikesBikes simulation was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I practiced for an entire day trying to get my shareholder value up with different approaches. At the end of the day, I understood and managed to get a shareholder value of $26, which I was really excited about it.  I found that the simulation was just about regulating the value of several elements, and understanding and watching their responses to changes. This in many occasions made me reflect if I was on the right path. In the end, I got the skills of understanding the effects of basic adjustments one could make such as introducing new products, marketing costs, and production strategies. After sitting for many hours trying different combinations and many frustrating fail attempts, eventually my shareholder value was a success. 


Besides doing the MikesBike simulation, this week we were assigned into teams according to our interest, skills, and expectations by filling out a CV. At the moment of completing the CV form, I found myself struggling trying to answer some questions. For Example, the question asking what kind of team would I like to be part of, made me undecided between the options “Fun loving” and “Highly – competitive”. I expect that by choosing “Highly – competitive” would not express that I don’t want to have fun as well and enjoy the team experience. I think that being in a team and have the opportunity to find people with similar ideas and goals, and being collaborative with others generates huge potential to be engaged with the experience and to develop great ideas for the team benefit. Katzenbach and Smith (1992) define team as  “a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.” This definition aligns with what I expect my team would be along the semester. After meeting some of my team members, I’m really excited and pumped up for the results we could obtain at the end of the experience running MikesBikes together. However, my only concern is not to let my team down since I’ve been chosen as the CEO of the firm. I know that they expect heaps from me and that I have to demonstrate to them and to myself that I’m able to engage with leadership actions to lead the team to the success we are hoping for. I’m really excited for this unique experience.


Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matter. McKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3—27.


  1. Good attempt at the journal. I found that in some areas it sounded very similar to my own. It seems that you are getting the hang of the MikesBikes simulation which will prove useful in the weeks to come. While you did a good job raising concerns about your role as CEO, you could improve your reflection by giving examples of how you intend to demonstrate to your team that you can be a good leader. For example checking in on all team members to make sure they are on the right track or facilitating members who cannot make meetings so you would have to ensure they obtain all the information discussed. And then in future journals you can reflect and question whether those techniques worked. Overall good job and good luck.

  2. First off I congratulate you on getting the 26$ shareholder value. I do understand what you are pertaining to in this reflection, but my only concern lies, that this is not necessarily a reflection of the reading as much as the week. I feel like you should incorporate more of the reading material, and then reflect upon how this relates to your experiences of the first week. But other than that I do believe and share most of the views that you shared within your learning journal.

    Very interesting read. Thank You

  3. Well done on your SHV value of $26, I certainly felt a similar (borderline frustrating) experience with respect to Mike's Bike's. However, it made reaching the goal more satisfying overall. An interesting read, however ensure that you strike a balance between recounting what happened in the week, and a reflection upon that. It would have been effective to incorporate the readings more, and in greater depth. This will help you to focus on reflection as opposed to recounting the week. Furthermore, when talking about your personal opinions, truly portray what you feel and back this up with the readings and how the information in the readings affect how you feel toward the course. 

    Having said that, I can relate to your journal closely, as my experiences were similar and I believe you outlined this very clearly.

    Good job