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Journal 2014week02.docx


  1. Hi Adam,

    Well done on completing your second learning journal of the semester. Overall it was a fairly good attempt and you managed to raise several interesting points related to the readings. I also liked that you challenged and analyzed certain areas of the course, as to reflect on the usefulness to your learning. Drawing back to last weeks readings also perhaps shows me that you are applying the knowledge you are gaining from week to week rather than simply moving on.

    I did however find some areas which you may wish to work on. I felt that you may have discussed your own experiences a bit too much throughout the journal. You mentioned the readings a few times without really expanding on the points that you made. I am therefore unable to determine your thoughts based on the readings assigned for this week. By including this in your journal it may help the reader better understand you point of view. Some smaller issues where that I think you may have incorrectly displayed your in-text citation. Where you have put "(Daudelin, M.W. 1996, Learning From Experience Through Reflection)" unless I am mistaken I think it should have been "Daudelin, (1996)" used in this situation.

    These are all rather small areas of improvement, which can be easily fixed. Despite this I still think you have made a good second effort and I am sure you will only get better as the course progresses.


  2. I really enjoyed your journal. I felt that you expressed your personal opinion very well, and backed this up with some solid use of resources. I liked how you engaged in a thought process, challenging how useful the course would genuinely be for your learning.

    As a point to work on, although you did use the resources you cited well, there could have been more depth to that analysis. While your personal opinion is great, it must be coupled with an underlying resource that is analysed and understood in whole. Having said that it was a good effort overall.