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After that awkward time frame where we zig-zagged around the lecture room in the effort of finding our groups, and where we pridefully introduced ourselves to the peers who we will be working with this entire semester; I started  to think about an empowering statement from my previous entry that 'this is where the excitement begins!'. So, do I regret writing those words? Well...not entirely. Solo-mike was just not a walk on the beach for me. Why?

Firstly, skimming the instruction on wiki is not a good tactic to start with. I did not know that reaching $25 was a requirement until the beginning of the second week. Secondly, playing on solo-mike six hours straight will lead to brain malfunction (fried). The due date was drawing near so having no breaks was a good idea at the time. Lastly, doing it alone will only slowly take you to the finish line, but playing it with other class mates (management 300) will speed things up. This conclusion is why I think teams matter. Jon and Douglas defined teams as "a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable" (1992). Due to the fact that we had complementary skills (accounting, marketing, innovation and management) and we were committed to getting a share value of $25 or better, we were able to achieve our goal of reaching $25. However, we did not really hold each other accountable for our work, this was because we were marked individually on it. But it would be a different story if we were marked as a team (which will be the reality for the next ten weeks). In addition, our efforts to help each other also contributed to this accomplishment. Which is why I agree with Tryon Edward's statement that "thoroughly to teach another is the best way to learn for yourself" (Oakley, et al.,2004). I believe that our time in university is not only for us to learn from lecturers, tutors and professionals, but to also learn from each other. I also think that our responsibilities at university is not only to learn but to also teach.  Yes I agree that weak students will tend to pull you down, but your weaknesses can become your strengths. Barbara, Richard, Rebecca ad Imad has brought to light a vital suggestion that not having "ability heterogeneity" in teams is not a bad thing, this allows the strong to help the weak and teaching will be of great benefit to the strong students as well (Oakley, et al.,2004). I am not saying this to challenge the change, but to change the challenge. (Meaning: my thoughts are not to change the decisions that have been made, but to change people's perspective about learning). 

What am I going to do about it?

I think that working on MikesBikes as a team is a great way to learn: how to improve on solo-mike (thumbs up for me) but also to learn from each other (thumbs up for everyone). Therefore, I will need patience, time commitment and consideration of others to work well within a team. And not forgetting reading and understanding the wiki instructions thoroughly and taking breaks when there needs be. 

What will be the end result?

I will leave that to my team. Only time can tell. 



Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matterMcKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3--27
Oakley, B., Felder, R. M., Brent, R., & Elhajj, I. (2004). Turning student groups into effective teamsJournal of student centered learning, 2(1), 9--34.


  1. It is very interesting to read your journal! You have mentioned your class and solo-mike experience and made the connection between that and your current situation. I also like how you bought the statement up from the reading and gave us your personal thought as well as the meaning of the statement. This shows your understanding of the reading.

    Language and structure was excellent, overall, very good quality journal! Keep this up!

  2. You have brought together evidence of the readings alongside your personal experiences very well within your journal for this week.  Also, by addressing your difficulties with MikesBikes - Solo it allowed a personal interaction between your writing and the reader allowing a connection to be formed.  Though I would like to recommend instead of using quotes that you paraphrase these into your own words and combine your personal experiences in this manner.  At times the paragraph felt stilted from the move between your personal experience and then a quote onto another personal experience.  Where you mention Jon and Douglas and their definition of teams it is quite wordy and this could of been shortened simply from mentioning Jon and Douglas and instead of the quote inserted your personal experiences with the teamwork process.  

    Also, at times your had a few spelling or grammatical eras such as I also think that our responsibilities at university is not only to learn but to also teach.  Instead of using is to make the sentence a flow a little easier you could use "... our responsibilities at university are not only to learn, but also to teach".  A few minor sentences such as these were seen throughout your journal and if they were altered slightly your writing would read in a more natural way.  

    Though overall, I like the way you have mixed both the articles with your personal experiences and related the theme from last week towards this weeks journal to show integration and the development of your ideas.  

  3. Hi Charity

    I really enjoyed your reading journal and I made some of the same mistakes with my Mikes Bikes! You did a good job of using your experiences in relation to the readings and the quotes were good (if a bit to many). Your structure in relation to Daudelin was good but may have become less relent in the centre of your journal. I would suggest trying to combine both your experiences with the readings rather than talking about them separately then providing a plug in comment at the end of the statement. It may also help you further explain there relevance to the situation.

    Otherwise it was a good reading journal and I hope your group is as helpful as you hope!

  4. Great learning journal.

    It is very interesting to read your experience and ideas of team alongside this weeks reading. The connection between your experience and theories from the readings were well structured. There are parts of your personal experience that can be elaborated through more readings, for instance, 'weak students' you can draw on examples of hitch hikers in Oakley et al (2004). By doing this, it may strengthen your understanding on the challenges of being in a team and perhaps demonstrate more understanding of the readings