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Week 02


I really enjoyed this weeks reading. My brain is not a filing cabinet. As a psych student I already knew that.


I had real difficulty meeting the $25.00 minimum that Peter wanted and I will admit that I did not achieve his target. I did speak to Peter and he told me to watch his video and start with his settings, which I did. In all I spent too many hours manipulating various criteria only to find that I still had not made the grade. I was dismayed to hear Peter say in class that those of us who could not reach this target were possibly not suited and perhaps in the wrong course. Well, this was red rag to a bull. I am not giving up! This is not a game show where contestants get knocked out each week, but is an on-going situation where we get to simulate running a business. There will be competition between the teams and this is normal for any business. However it will still remain a simulation where the software manufacturers have set the parameters we manipulate.


As I write this I do not know who my team members are yet. Whatever happens I will be determined to pull the group together and demonstrate that while we might be disappointed we shall not be failures. Many business owners have failed on the first or even second attempt. The secret is to analyse what happened and learn from the experience.


As a result of remarks that Peter has made in class I have also been thinking about engineering firms. Peter enjoys working with engineers. In my experience engineering firms tend to be boys clubs, generally with big toys. They are not known to be at the cutting edge of management best practise. They’re engineers, not managers, so getting someone to guide them makes a lot of sense. In the coming weeks we will also need guidance, some from Peter and some from ourselves. I expect that we will all have had different experiences. We will learn to listen take advice from each other. Some will be complementary and some will be conflicting. From disparate situations and expectations we will need to find a way to work together.


So, what have I learned this week. On reflection I have learned that I perhaps need to be less reactive and consider the situation before bursting into print. This will be useful advice for myself for the trials and tribulations of the coming weeks. Mikes Bikes has certainly proved to be a trial and I am determined to conquer. With a good committed team, how hard can it be?


  1. I like how you mention problems you face, and the approach that you are going to take in solving them (e.g. difficulty meeting the minimum SHV); loosely following the recommended structure.  However, while I think you cover a lot of topics and breadth, I think your journal could be improved by examining each issue in more depth.  And I personally don't like it when people say "you need more depth"/"you should go deeper" etc. unless they give a concrete example, so for example:  relating the readings on teams to your own situation.  Here, your first statement mentions the reading - "my brain is not a filing cabinet", but you don't seem to apply it to anything. 

    Also, I'm not sure that your conclusion is fully supported by the main body of your journal - you "need to be less reactive", but I can't really tell where exactly it is that you have been "too" reactive, and what consequences led you to believe that.

    Hopefully you get what I'm trying to say, and hopefully this helps your next journal! (smile)

  2. I can relate to your hardships with Mike's Bikes, it is great to hear the instead of sobbing about how difficult it is you are going to really work hard at it. I think I understand what you are trying to express in the journal but maybe to improve on your next I think you could work on the flow of your paragraphs. For me I did not see how some of the paragraphs link, you had a lot of ideas that you wanted to express that did not necessarily contribute to a specific thing that you learnt this week. Other than that I think you made some valid points and should not be too discouraged by your first failures. All the best for Mike's Bikes.