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Mikes Bikes was a challenge for me this week. I started the simulation on the weekend, and had no success with it at all, I had spent a good three hours and my SHV just seemed to go down, I felt like I had tinkered with every variable there was on the simulation and nothing was going right, this made me want to not bother with mikes bikes anymore, and to drop the paper completely.

However after leaving the simulation for a few days and came back to it refreshed and ready to give it another crack. Instead of mindlessly tinkering with the variables, I decided to read the more information parts, and watch the “How too video". Within less than an hour of reading and watching videos and making more educated guesses on the simulation my SHV had gone up a bit. I then read the graphs and reports along with "more information" some more, and rolled back to see if I could increase it some more by changing the variables a bit, and it worked. I was so excited that I continued to rollback and roll-forward, making slight edits, meanwhile reading and gathering more information on the variables as I went along. I then looked at the clock and realized that I had been going for 6 hours and it was now midnight, I had gotten so excited about being able to work the simulation that I had lost track of time. This surprised me, as I had felt like my first go at the simulation was a disaster, and I seriously disliked mikes bikes after that attempt. 

Reflecting on this experience of mikes bikes and the change that occurred between attempt one and attempt two, a possible reason for the change was the research and learning that occurred in the second attempt, and how I was reading and learning more in the second attempt. I know that I enjoy learning, and success is also a motivator to keep trying. So when the first attempt didn't really involve a lot of learning, but mindless tinkering, and it also resulted in no success, I guess it was obvious that I was not going to enjoy the process. However, with the second attempt, where is was learning a lot more about the simulation, and was also having some success because of it, it was much more enjoyable.

On a deeper level, is this applicable to other situations in my day to day and future life? Will I enjoy things more when I am learning, and will this learning lead to more success, which will then lead to enjoying experiences more? I think that for me, when I am learning, I am enjoying myself (yes-even the study), and maybe it is the positive attitude that leads to the success, which then leads to more enjoyment and more success. Reflecting back, I now realise that I had the same experience with Skiing in the holidays, where I spent the whole first day flapping around in the snow, not really making a good go of it. However, on the second day, I was more committed to learning how to ski, I learned a lot more and I really enjoyed it, furthermore, I was a lot better at it, which was a success.

I think overall what I have taken from this week, is that in order to be successful at something, you need to be committed and have a positive attitude about learning how to do it. This applies to Mikes Bikes, but also to other things I aspire to be successful at, such as skiing. Moving forward into next week with the team Mikes Bikes, I will try to bring with me the commitment to achieving as a team, and also a positive attitude so that we can learn as a team how this simulation works, and hopefully we will be successful.




  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your journal entry, i found i could relate to what you said about your experiences with mikes bikes because i found myself in a very similar situation as you did when I started using the simulation software. 

    One aspect I really liked about your journal was how you were able to link the learning theory to your experiences with mikes bikes, and how you were able to achieve success with the simulation through learning. This interested me as i had not thought of it like that myself. You then went on to explain the deeper meaning behind your experiences throughout the week by linking them to potential situations in your day to day life.

    overall this was a very high quality reflection journal, keep up the good work, and good luck for the rest of the semester!

    1. cheers for the feedback Fraser

  2. I really liked this learning journal. It had a very strong structure with clear problem articulation and analysis, formulation of a tentative theory and action. It was very clear that learning had occurred both through your experience with the simulation and through the reflection. You further demonstrated higher levels of learning by relating it to your own skiing experience. I liked your conclusion in particular  as it  is something that I have failed to do in my own reading reflections and is something  that made an excellent ending to a good reflection. I finished the reflection feeling as if I had learnt something myself by reading it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, it was really nice to hear that you learnt something from my journal. (smile)