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Before I actually sat down to write this journal, I was contemplating what to write about. I did the readings on Monday and considering I had what I would call a 'mad week two' I think it's fair to say, nothing really stuck with me apart from how there were studies done and it proved to be an effective way of learning. I then asked myself, how does that apply to me? Do I get a lot out of team work?

I reflected on occasions in the past where I had to work in teams, and I really... I don't know what's the word, I would probably say, 'disliked' it. I find team work to be a good way to meet people and then get to know them socially.... so I can get along with them come the actual seriousness of why the groups were formed. Some of you may wonder why? I would say it's because I'm just odd when it comes to people. Although, I'm not much of a people's person... I don't think.

This week's discussions in class based around our simulation groups was the one thing that 'interested' me. I agreed with what Peter said about having common goals to make teams work effectively together, and I thought, well I'd like that, however, I don't like too much of it. I became a little worried about whom I was going to be grouped with. Not because I wasn't going to be grouped with intelligent, bright people, but because I was wondering if I would be 'good enough' to fit into that team. Although we're trying to building stronger relationships within teams  and what not, I am always concerned with what I have to offer a team. Because if I don't feel like I have contributed in a significant way, I will eventually detach myself completely from that team.

That was worrying for me, because I really don't know what to expect of this course.

Today we were finally put into teams. I was somewhat disappointed, but also saw it as a challenge. Taking on five papers and then being made CFO of a simulation process that I did not do very well in as a single unit was frightening to me.  However, I thought, well if this is a team effort, I really have to pull my head in and work super hard. So I am! But, I'm wondering if it would have been different had I had been on the team sorting out the simulation teams? In saying so, I'm interested in assessing my progress in this team considering I'm so worried about how much I have to give and put in. The main takeaway for me this week, isn't so much on how the teams are formed and what works and what not, but more about, how I am going to fit and how I am going to contribute in a significant way. That is something I will be aiming to achieve at the end of this course, and somewhere down the track with these journals, I will keep up with my progress.


  1. Hi Kakala

    I thought this was a very well written and thought journal. To be honest this is the first journal I have read that hit me as a real personal reflection. I like how you have thought deeply and explain in detail how you are feeling about the course and how it has affected your behavior.  I'm sure you are probably feeling like a lot of other people in the course (myself included) in terms of teams. 

    However to critique this journal, I thought linking or incorporating a reading that relates to your thoughts and feelings would help to provide an easy basis potentially to follow for future weeks. This would help to achieve the higher levels of Blooms taxonomy.

    Another critique was there were a few minor grammar errors such as ' trying to building stronger relationships' which proof reading in the future will easily eliminate.

     Overall I thought it was a well thought and succinct journal.

  2. Hey there Kakala,

    Following on from what Julian has commented above, I also agree with him s your journal goes in-depth with your discussion about being in a team and your personal experience with it coming into week 2. I felt your journal had a lot of meaning which was an eye-opener for me as a reader, as i found it interesting that there are various aspects as to which individuals have encountered last weeks readings.

    In order to better your journal for next week, I would suggest to add some reading/reference articles or books in order to help with your explanation and to remember to not forget a reference list. Overall, I would say you did a very good job with your journal but to not forget to mention things closely related to your readings.