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I have always been bad with technology. Like so bad, that the I.T. guys at my company know me by name and even some know where I live, equally do I know as much about them. So when I downloaded MikeBikes, I was proud of myself to download it to a place that I would be able to find later. I do believe that this and a lack of preparation lead to me where I am now.

I have no excuse for my relaxed behavior towards MikeBikes. I knew how daunting technology can be, and yet, I was still so comfortable to assume that it would be a piece of cake. I had looked over the software to gain a basic idea of the concepts that we would be using. Perhaps it was my relaxed attitude that made me put the program into the 'too hard' basket, but I super regretted it by the time I began to get all of m information together. Myself and my flat mate, who has used a different version to MikeBikes and got an A for the paper, sat in front of my computer for two hours while we also listened to tutorials on the software, but still did not feel like we had grasped the concepts. I tried to work out the market in so many scenarios, and by the 6th time I had to press; "End World", I felt like a little part of me was dying too. 

That was when it all turned around and I began a successful company!! I wish I could say. Unfortunately, time ran out, and pretty much, I decided enough was enough, I need my computer rather than throwing it at walls. I left my Shareholder value at a less than mention-able score, and yes, I do feel disappointed in myself. Had I simply gave myself more time, now that I have looked at the software with fresh eyes, I can think of things that I would do differently, such as being more concerned about advertising than production, or various products which could have altered my market. All things which are great in hindsight, but now hopefully this can be something to help with my group. 

So ultimately, I can blame my general lack of a promising score on being semi computer-illiterate, or I can just give myself a kick and realize that I'm back into uni- and kind of have to pull myself together a bit more. Though here's the irony, I was so proud of myself for doing my readings well before class, and yet I didn't pay attention the most in the important parts. So that's me leaving you, off to sort out priorities!! Better reflection everyone.


  1. I think you like most people in the class have struggled to grasp MikesBikes and it can be a very frustrating simulator at times but once you get the hang of it, it will be so rewarding so don't give up ! I like the honesty in your reflection, reflecting on what you should have done better will help you improve for the future. However, your reflection does not reflect on what you have learnt through the course and its required readings, you were proud of yourself for reading them so by reflecting on them you could further your understanding of them. Through the readings on team work you would have seen great insight into team dynamics so maybe commenting on your team, what you look forward to and what challenges may lie ahead could be something interesting for your to consider. Good luck for the rest of the semester.

  2. Let me just start off by saying that I find your reading journal to be completely relatable. I really enjoyed the way you laid out your situation. There is a clear sequence of events and that made your writing easy to follow along.

    Having said that, I do think it would be a good next step for future learning journals to try and relate whatever you chose to talk about to either class readings or outside sources. I believe that if you added in some theory, even if it isn’t from this course, it would add another dimension to your writing. For example, you talked about how you thought MikesBikes might be a challenging task, but after reading tutorials and such you felt prepared, could you maybe relate that back to your learning style from last week one’s readings?

    I really did enjoy reading this learning journal and think that adding in some theory will give it a little bit extra to make it all that much more impressive. Keep up the good work!