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Please a new Week!

This week I learned that sometimes life throws a curve ball at you, and you just have to catch it and then throw it right back. Acceptance and acknowledgement of this curve ball doesn't mean I'm happy about it, I'm not, but just doing these two things, I realised, can help me to choose what my next step is. This next step is picking myself up, taking a breath, and going back to the beginning. It is frustrating because I've been here before and I feel in these steps I have let myself down once more and I feel I have let others down too. Dwelling on this is not going to help though, I am conscious of learning and all I can do is learn. Learn to see the steps that got me here. Learn to hear my voice as I commit to things which will stop me from doing what is really important to me. Learn to say no to this and yes to me. Then apply that learning and hope that one day soon it will be second nature, an unconscious part of myself which I need only think of again, in pride.

On a more positive note, the team I am a part of are doing really well. After the Monday lecture we decided to delegate responsibility and made each member more accountable. Our Wednesday decision making time was a lot more productive. Also each team member is doing really good work in the respected fields. We also decided on a strategy going forward. I am really looking forward to the challenge after performing so badly in the practice roll overs. We are renamed and rebranded¿¿.

Up an atom!


  1. Well done this journal is good. I like that you recognise the issue you face of wanting to learn more and not follow the same mistakes you made before. According to Daudelin you have not quite given an example for me to see if you have learnt from the experience or come up with a hypothesis as to how you are going to learn from your mistakes. Next time an example of an experience from your group would help me understand, but otherwise good job and good luck with the rest. 

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to review your learning journal. The main thing of which you have demonstrated learning is you understand what is happening around you and the pressure you are receiving. You are following Daudeline¿s approach by reflecting on yourself which should bring understanding to your learning. Interesting enough the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy demonstrated in this journal is analysis. However, I believe you have failed to achieve application which comes before analysis, you need to apply what you have learnt. In this case you have only reached the comprehension stage and it is week 6 you need to re-read the three key readings from week one. Learn to apply what you have read each week and then bring your analysis skills to that application.

    Thanks heaps for letting me comment on your work. I hope you get a fresh start this week and good luck to your team. This has been a truly eye opening experience.

    Courtney Black