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This week was about strategy. As Peter mentioned in the lecture, strategy is important, but to execute it is far more crucial. In that sense as a team we felt that it don¿t matter too much on what kind of strategy we decide, but can we execute it accordingly as we planned. As mentioned last week, I think communication and decent amount of effort by all the group members will be crucial. After our practice round at Solo Mikes Bike, we as a team have definitely learned something. Things do not go always according to our plan. However as a team we came to one consensus that mistakes are not foreseeable but it is preventable. Thoroughly preparing in advance and discussion with your other teams (being interdependent) is the only key ways I think we can correctly execute our strategies.

Since I am writing this like an hour before its due (poor student L...) I have just checked out our results from the Mikes Bike. It seems everything went well as we have anticipated. As for my part, being a R&D, I have successfully created new Bike with 100% success rate. The first time I tried creating a bike at the practice round was a complete failure at around 26% success rate. The bike ended up in a completely away from the intended market in the perpetual map and we couldn¿t even launch the product. I imagined if the practice round was the real go I would have been so sorry to my team mates. Fortunately things turned out well this first roll over so I was very pleased. It was quiet surprising to hear from Peter that the team that aced this game spent approximately 10 hours a week. Personally it felt that the maximum time necessary was maybe around 4 hours. Perhaps I am missing out on something I should be doing. Must investigate soon.


  1. Hi Richard,

    Thank you for the opportunity to review your learning journal. The main thing of which you have demonstrated learning is how you have mentioned that execute strategy is crucial for an organisation success, and you also emphasized that communication among team members is important for executing a strategy.

    Your journal is interesting as you integrate the lecture and your team experiences. I think it will be good if you integrate the reading in your learning journal. You can do this by using Daudeline's reflection approach to reflect what you have learned. 

     The highest level of Bloom's taxonomy demonstrated in this journal is the Application stage, the ability to used used learned material in a new situation. Your journal demonstrated that you are able to apply what you have learned in the lecture in your team work.

    You can improved by integrate the reading and used Daudeline's reflection approach to reflect what you have learned. Particularly, you articulation of a problem, analysis of that problem, formulate a theory to explain the problem and decide what conclude what you learned and what will you do.

    Finally,  thanks for sharing your work! Your journal has helped me to learn how to integrate the team experiences in the learning journal. Good Luck for you future journal and have fun with your team! 

  2. wow... So I have been allocated to review my own journal hahaha

    well thank me for sharing my journal, the main thing that illustrated was that implementation is the key to success in strategy not the strategy itself. 

    No reading integration can be found in this journal. Application stage of Bloom's taxonomy.

    First do the appropriate readings (ie. Daudeline, Kolb, Bloom) and then have time to think about them in relation to the week's learning.

    This journal has helped me indicate that my journal is poor! Better start putting in some effort into it.