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Task Objectives:

  • To install (if needed) and orient you to the MikesBikes software
  • To ensure that everyone in a team has a base-level competence with the simulation

This course is largely based on a business simulation called MikesBikes, and in particular the Advanced, Multi-Player version of simulation, also known as Net Mike. This assignment is used to orient and familiarise you to MikesBikes, and to form `Executive' teams that will run companies in the simulation.

If you fail to complete this task, you will not be placed in a team. This effectively means you cannot complete the course and you will be need to withdraw from the course.

There are three parts to this assignment, purchasing/registering the software, getting a base-level of competence with the simulation, and completing a CV so that you can be recruited into a team/firm.

  1. Purchase and register the software: In other words Get MikesBikes.
  2. Getting a base level of competence: This part of task provides you with some experience and understanding of the bike industry by running SoloMike.
    • Download MikesBikes Advanced, Single-Player Version. This gets you the SoloMike application. If you are working in the computer labs (in the Owen G. Glenn Building), you will find that MikesBikes has already been installed; however, you are still required to purchase access.
    • Spend at least seven hours getting to know SoloMike. Get comfortable with the simulation. Ultimately, with practice, you should be able to achieve a share holder value, or SHV, of $25 (or more) in five or fewer rollovers (a rollover represents one year in the simulation). You will have probably run the simulation ten to twenty times, doing a total of about 100 rollovers. You can find hints on using MikesBikes on the SmartSims web-site.
    • Record and attach the following results in Part 2 of the CV form (which is attached to the bottom of this page):
      • Start a new game (Game , Restore).
      • Change the company name to your ID number (Decisions --> Rename).
      • Play for five rollovers (i.e., you must have pressed the rollover button five times; no more, no less).
      • Print out a copy of the Financial Report for all Firms (Reports --> Financial reports --> Industry benchmark report) and attach it to the CV form
      • Complete the remaining questions on the CV form.
      • Hand in the completed CV at the Student Resource Centre on Level 0 of the Sir Owen G. Glenn Building by the due date.
  3. Complete your MikesBikes CV: This part of the assignment is designed to elicit background information that is used in forming Executive teams. You may complete parts of the CV before using the simulation software, or you may want to use with the simulation before deciding your role of choice. Think carefully about the role you pursue in the simulation. You should read the Job descriptions before making your decision.


The SoloMike hall of fame

To give some sense of scale to the challenge ahead, in 2017, a UoA student (Katrina Pobre) was #5 on the world-wide MikesBikes Advanced Hall of Fame with a SHV of $995.37 in 8 rollovers, and Yiqi Chen was at #18 with a SHV of $541.18. The #1 player at the end of 2017 had a SHV of $1,731.12 (alas, he wasn't one of our alums).

Overall, this is a pass/fail task. Your CV will either be of sufficient quality to warrant you being placed in a team, or it will not. The most frequent reasons for failing this assignment are:

  1. Failing to achieve a shareholder value of at least $25
  2. Not having registered/paid for the software
  3. Incomplete information on the CV
  4. Failing to attach the appropriate report
  5. Having your name on the CV
  6. Submitting a poorly presented, or unprofessional looking CV

Why this solo practice matters

Teams often struggle when they have members who haven't achieved a minimal level of competence with the simulation. If you are unfamiliar with the software, you will find that your experience in your team will be frustrating or worse; so, in the long term, it pays off to practice with Solo Mike.

Remember, group grades are allocated/distributed based on the evaluation of your performance by the other members of your team. If you are unable to fully contribute because of weak preparation, they may factor that into their assessment of your performance.

That is why you must achieve a minimum level of competence in the simulation.

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