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I will use Daudelin’s four stages of reflection to describe the journey of this week.

1.     Articulation of a problem: Gutted, shocked, disappointed, you name it, I’m probably feeling it post the rollover for this week. Week after week our SHV has just gone now and the question each week has been, what are we doing wrong? Each week we are offered new advice, either from Peter, or Natasha from Smart Sims, and sometimes even from the people in our parent company. This is the time where I’m questioning myself, is it too late to get a reasonable SHV? The problem of a drop in SHV each week concerns me but I am just unable to accept it. 

2.     Analysis of the problem: The SHV is – whether it is explicitly stated or not – one of the main parts of the MGMT 300 course. Our grades, passing of the paper and maybe some people’s careers’ may be dependent on this course. Though we are receiving large amounts of information and suggestions, no one person has the same advice as another and we are unable to decide which path to follow due the lack of time and our already low SHV.  

3.     Formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem: A way in which we could improve is to gather suggestions and recommendations from everyone around us. There may be similar suggestions and some contrasting however a downside in this could be that we’re not following a certain strategy – as expressed in previous journals – and it may be too late as forming new strategy’s doesn’t always align with the way the market is going. 

4.     Action/deciding whether to act: As we are now approaching the last week, I am at the stage of giving up. I don’t think there is much more we can do to push up our SHV considering the different strategies we have tried and the lack of time.