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As another week of MikesBikes is about to end, I will use Daudelin’s four stages of reflection to describe the journey of this week:


1.     Articulation of a problem: Advice, suggestions, recommendations, opinions, what is there that we have no received. At this point of Mikes Bikes I feel defeated. Our attempts of tackling the simulation from a real life perspective and the takeover of our company from another are not what I would have liked, but I do not have much options left to consider as our SHV seems to be decreasing though we have improved everything.  

2.     Analysis of the problem: It is quite shocking for our group as we feel we have considered each and every segment we were lacking in such as large idle times, lost sales and lack of usage of SCU, however we still have not improved our SHV and we just can’t tell why. This week we were taken over by another company and they have been advising us. One thing they did make us realise was that “as a company progresses through developmental phases, each evolutionary period creates its own revolution” (Greiner, 1972). Maybe this is reason why our SHV won’t improve; we use previously formulated strategies that don’t cater to the evolution of the organisations and market. 

3.     Formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem: We could formulate new strategies or suggestions to cater to an revolutionised markets however we have been previously set back by attempting to take a real life perspective on the simulation and doing it again may set us back which is a risk our group may not be willing to take. 

4.     Action/deciding whether to act:  Considering we are so close to the end of the simulation and we don’t have much to lose, it is worth giving new strategies a try as we can’t go much further down from where we stand. 




Greiner, L. (1997). Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow. Family Business Review10(4), 397-409. doi: 10.1111/j.1741-6248.1997.00397.x

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