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Articulation of problem: 

Due to us being somewhat well functioning for the last couple weeks it was fairly difficult in articulating a problem in which we faced this week. However for the last two weeks we have made improvements with our SHV going from being valued at a single cent to 85 cents to now within the one dollar area. These slight improvements in SHV are new waters for us as throughout the course we have not made much improvements in our SHV leading us to be in the dire situation in which we are in at the moment. Therefore this week we were presented with the problem of trying to make a somewhat significant change in our SHV this rollover or prepare ourselves well so that we make significant improvements in the weeks to come especially that of the double rollover. 

Analysis of problem:

Delving further into the problem, it seemed like a mountain to climb due to us simply having little to no money and resources to work with especially when we compare it to that of the other teams. Therefore as a team we thought deeper this week in not only thinking what can help us improve our SHV this week ? but also what can help us in the long run aswell? By having this extended thinking we were able to achieve more well thought out decisions in which be a lot more beneficial for the long run than that of what we had come up with in the previous rollovers. 


By having such long term thinking when making our decisions and delving in deeper when exploring ideas in where to improve on. We were able to come up with more well thought out decisions in which we believed were suitable for the situation we are in and the resources in which we have to work with. This was shown with the increased time in which we had with our meeting and the level of discussion in which were communicating with.  Thankfully the work we put in reflected in an increase of SHV, not as much as we would have hoped but an increase nonetheless. this approach didn't give the best results this week however signs do look positive. So hopefully we can continue this momentum through the final double rollover and finish this course on a somewhat high note. 


Daudelin, W. M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48.


  1. Hi Vishay,


    Im not sure you remember or not but I also wrote a review for your piece linked below:



    In that week I advised that your learning journal focused too much on your performance of MikesBikes rather than what you actually learnt as a skill or even just learnt about yourself that you may want to work on in the future for self improvement. 


    It doesn't really seem like that feedback was taken on board despite the fact you replied to it because again we have another very similar learning journal. Additionally I took a quick read of the comments others had left on your learning journals which I were not assigned and they followed the same theme, that you are focusing far too much on reflecting on the performance in Mikes Bikes rather than what you have learnt from the past week through your experiences in Mikes Bikes.


    Let me phrase it like this; the Mikes Bikes simulation is a tool to help you learn skills and address areas which you can improve on in your own life.

    The learning journals are a place for you to write about what you learnt from the situation/problem, how you dealt with it and what you did or what after reflecting you felt you could have done differently/better and that you will utilise in the future.


    Let me be clear, if you write a review from the weeks 1-10 of your performance in your learning portfolio, you will fail the assignment. I highly recommend having a draft written well before this Friday and having it reviewed and asking for feedback from Peter or Josh.

  2. Hey Vishay,

    Very good article structure, I can see your energy and efforts in this subject. From the first week to the current 12th week, 10 journals revolve around finding problems and solving problems, and everyone will definitely improve. I agree with the questions raised by the above classmate. You need to present your own opinions and what you have learned. You can explain what you are discussing in more detail through the things encountered in MBs.