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Howdy team - In this weeks learning journal I will discuss and explore how the last learning journal, and leading into the last week of MikesBikes, we are enclosing our final week of journals.

Articulation of the problem

This week I found the main issue was going way back when to dealing with the first half of the semester - How do you deal with teams? But not my team, our subsidiary. This journal I will reflect on how I encountered issues expressing my concerns about their decision making moving forward. Where do you go when you want to make constructive changes but don't want to seem like a complete douche telling them what to do? All I want to do is see them succeed, as their success is OUR success.

Analysis of the problem

This week lies within problems and issues I face in week 4, but with a bit of twist. Not so much dealing with how do I present myself to my team - But rather how do I not present myself negatively towards our new comrades. Last week I attempted to make a joke and came across quite cocky and arrogant, and this I week I was determined to build a constructive relationship working their decisions together, not me just looking over what they were doing. I found that they had made rational decisions, minus one or two minor oversights.

So why is it an issue?

I feel as if I am intruding on THEIR books, THEIR company, and THEIR decisions. Where do I get to a point to a person I have little in common with to have a working relationship in order to constructively work towards a common goal without telling them what exactly to do?


Christensen (2010) discusses how motivations rely on “it's the chance to learn, grow in responsibilities and contribute to others.", rather than any monetary value instead. I struggle to relate to this concept, as meanwhile I feel as if my team can contribute towards these ideals, our subsidiary personalities do not align with this statement. What the intent of that statements lies about is not inherent relationships between others, but yet there is common ground within this management major - Why do a management major when you don't want to work with people?

This has helped enable me provide insight where I can find reliance in the fact that however I must persevere with the constructive relationship in a way that provides tangible benefit to both teams and individuals:


Decisions are about influence, and so is leadership, and so is relationships. Moving forward I will strive to build relationships through influence and focusing on their chances to enable themselves, and engage them in the MikesBikes learning structure.

MikesBIkes isn't easy, especially leading into the last week. Without effective working relationships and good advice - Our failure is not teaching our subsidiary effective strategies towards MikesBikes.


Christensen, C. M. (2010). How Will You Measure Your Life? Harvard Business Review88(7/8), 46–51. Retrieved from

Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48


  1. Hi!

    I have enjoyed reading your learning journal. It is understandable where you have to express yourself in a way you are not the bad guy. But this what working in a group is or in the future workforce are. 

    You mentioned about your problem, articulated it, applied theory and the action well that there is nothing to critique. You have mentioned each and every part in detail.

    Good luck for the Summative Learning Journal which is due this week. (smile)

  2. Gidday Tom Crutzen

    Great learning journal this week and I believe it puts you in great stride for the final learning portfolio. I especially like how you have related your experiences this past week to a key research area of the wider management field, being, people management/motivation. Learning is of course a process and I feel you have acknowledged within this piece of writing and outlined some areas you would like to focus on for your own personal development. This ability to reflect upon yourself and outline areas you want to focus on for improvement will allow you to be the best version of yourself if you continue to practice this into the future.