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Articulation of problem: 

Here it is, the last week, the last journal and the near end of this course. It is not up until recently that i had truly figured the main reasons and point to these weekly journals, how important it is to reflect upon ones actions to further improve you and your teams ability. Why did peter make us do these? what was the point of smart sims and the teams. This is the problem i must illustrate and show in my summative journal. 80% is the largest percent of a an assignment i have taken at university and this scares me quite so. Wanting to get into postgraduate next year, maintaining a B grade has been on my mind since i started 300 level courses. i am concerned and worried about the outcome of this course, but i know i must push on to further to gain more knowledge.

Analysis of problem:

The reasoning behind why i am stressed about this particular problem is that usually i know how i am doing within a course throughout the semester as quiz's or assignments give u a form of indication on how you are doing and exams account for only half or less than half of your overall grade. Because mikes bikes is only worth 20% and u can see how you are doing 80% of the final grade is still lingering there waiting for everyone to get started and that shakes me up.


This weeks problems links to the theory of managing ones self, how we manage ,learn, and develop ourselves link to how we can become big achievers. this is stated by Drucker in the Harvard business review, Looking at my strengths and knowing what they are will lead people to do well along with feedback given. This also ties into he weekly feedback we have been doing with the journals as they will help us to write our summative journal.


This weeks plan of action may be the simplest, but i know what i have to do and have been doing is knuckle down and really reflect upon this course. figure exactly what it has taught me, do the readings analyse them and see how they fit into my own experiences with smart sims. Further also determine how they will help me in the coming future. Hopefully if that goes to plan i will be able to use what i have learnt going into my postgraduate next year.


Drucker, P. F. (2005). Managing Oneself. Harvard Business Review83(1), 100–109. Retrieved from


  1. Hey Ailyas

    Great overview of your thoughts and worries surrounding the course with a good use of the Drucker (2005) reading, I’m sure I can speak for everyone else in saying we feel the same sort of pressures with such a large percentage assignment and I wish you the best of luck in doing so.

  2. Hey Ailyas, 

    Good review structure and the logic is easy to follow, we all have the same pressures and trying to get a good result for this assignment. Just focus on the action you have made from the journal. Good Luck!