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The final learning journal before it all ends. It has literally been a rollercoaster ride from being at the start line to hitting the lows while slowly going back up. WOW! I didn't think we would be able to do it but honestly, anything is possible with some determination, good team work and persistency. 

Problem articulation

Last week we had managed to escalate back to a 'surviving SHV' and got out of the insolvent pit hole however, this week after modifying one of the bikes in the adventurers segment has resulted us in going back to square one. This is only one of the problems that has risen so far this week aside from that, there is an added pressure of the big summative learning journal that is due very very soon and since it holds such a huge grade weightage, it's effectively adding on the added pressure. This is difficult as a lot of assignments are due this week and next week since we are getting closer to exam season. 

Having said that, another personal problem that has crept in is that one of my really good friends has ended up in hospital with a brain haemorrhage that is life threatening. This has also been an additional pressure on me this week which has resulted in my performance this week in university overall as well as the simulation.

In contrast to the difficulties and pressure so far, there has been an interesting reading that i ended up reading in one of the readings that is different from the classic Daudelins (1996) models and processes that spoke on how to measure my life. 

Analysis of the problem

Due to our bike not meeting the consumer demands in the adventurer's segment, my amazing group went ahead to modify the bike in my absence. I was absent only because i had a major trauma in my life that hit in the week and left me speechless to the point where i wasn't able to communicate to my group that i will not be able to make it to the meeting. They did not consult me about the decision and went through with it but i took no offence as after i came back to reality, they were super supporting and made me feel like i didn't miss out on much. I was super happy with this reaction especially since not everything in my life had been going smooth this week.

Upon looking at the results and assessing our team strategy, we put together as a group that majority of the loss had come from design and development (basically the modification in one of the bikes) and this was expected. This is a minor setback to our overall strategy and we may do better in the last few rollovers and can potentially show that we have survived and are still in the competition, this is just a small phase that has set us back. 

Another factor was our high COGM which is a bit difficult to fix as we cannot reduce capacity anymore because we are already at the minimum limit of 15,000 plant. Aside from this, we could potentially assume that the next few rollovers will pick up as our expenses will remain low and majority of the money has been put forward into the new modified product which was potentially cheaper than creating a completely new product. 

Theory to explain the problem 

Given my situation, at that point i thought that Christensen (2010) really resonated with me as it reminded me to assess my life and the importance of it. It also made me think differently as opposed to being taught what to think. 

Another key take out for me from this reading was how Christensen (2010) mentions "it's the chance to learn, grow in responsibilities and contribute to others". In terms of 'a chance to learn' as a team we are taking this chance to showcase what we have learnt from being insolvent and practicing if we can still get our SHV back up to scratch. 

Responsibilities definitely came in as i had the responsibility to go see my friend who was in a very delicate situation and had the responsibility towards my team as well. I believe i could do better and that this has been a learning curve to get a grip on myself and to ensure i fullfil my responsibilities towards my teammates as well. 

The final bit of the quote talks about "[contributing] to others" and i can say i have done this as i did manage to follow up with my group on the progress and decide on the next few steps of our strategy. 

Action plan 

I think the next few steps would be to commence our re-defined strategy and let the new product be modified so it can be launched and who knows we might end up gaining back our SHV that can show Peter that we do have what it takes to run a company properly, even if it did really poor in the middle. Next week is probably going to be even more hectic than this one but i'm sure through determination, communication and persistency our team can definitely combat what's coming. 

Christensen, Clayton M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review88(7), 46–51. Retrieved from

Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48


  1. Hey Nikeeta,

    It's nice to be reviewing your learning journal this week as we missed you at the meeting, I really hope you're taking care of yourself after what you've been through over the past few days.

    Great learning journal, clearly structured using Daudelin's framework makes it easy to read and follow your logic. One suggestion I would have that could help when going into the summative learning journal is maybe focusing on one particular problem. That way it makes it a bit easier for you to reflect on that one thing and figure out one plan of action for it. Otherwise, a really good learning journal.

    I'm looking forward to wrapping up our Mikes Bikes journey together next week (smile)


    1. Thanks! See you on Wednesday! (smile) 

  2. Hey Nikeeta,

    The structure presented in your reflection is very well done. It's easy to follow and each main point is thoroughly explored in your sections. The problem statement was done well if you consider the articulation. However, I believe having a more explicit definition that's not as broad would've really nailed down your following sections.

    I enjoyed reading the close-off reflection and wish you good luck for your end of semester assessments.

    P.S Hope your friend makes a quick recovery from the hemorrhagic stroke.