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Articulation of a problem

One of the key problems that i have seen in my group is definitely the lack of communication. No one appears to be speaking up and the group seems like its heavily based with introverts as opposed to extroverts.

Analysis of that problem

I believe I have a bit of contribution to this problem as i did not speak up when i was meant to. If i don't make a move first how are other people meant to speak up. Despite, them being a new group surrounded by new people, i should try and get to know them and encourage them to speak up if we want to progress on as a team. According to an article by Robert Kelly (1988), he concludes that effective follower/someone in a team is a person who actively engages in conversations. This emphasises the importance of communication and actually speaking up in a team otherwise, it could lead to disasters and could de-rail us from success.

Formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem

I think team members are usually a bit confused when it comes to talking openly about discussion. i noticed that when big questions get asked, there is usually a confusing atmosphere which may be the reason why team members are reluctant to answering questions. I feel this is the case with me as well because I don't seem to feel prepared and feel a bit overwhelmed by the questions that are being asked. I think my next step would be to be more prepared to class to ensure that i feel more confident about questions that are asked.  

Action/deciding whether to act

After this, i think i will definitely be a little bit more confident when it comes to group discussions and will encourage others to talk as well. I am a little shocked as i am an extrovert type of a person and communication has not really been an issue for me but i suppose if I need to mix with the team, i need to make sure i power on and take an assertive approach. 

 Kelley, R. E. (1988). In Praise of Followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142–148. Retrieved from

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  1. A new, but old learning journal. How odd.