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This week differed massively from past weeks as we introduced ourselves to our newly acquired company/teammates. It was rather enjoyable working alongside another team and having the opportunity to explain our ideas to them. The saying 'you don't know how much you actually know' was especially relevant here as our team felt like MikesBikes gods (despite only being a mid-table company). 

This week the problem for me personally was not actually having much to do. In all of our markets we are pretty bang on where we want to be in terms of the specs of our bikes, with only one minor tweak required. As the Design and Development head, not being able to design bikes leaves you with nothing really to do other than analysing reports and acting as a support staff for the rest of the team. 

I feel I didn't have too much to do as I'd done a good job in predicting the market segments that would be targeted by our competitors. Luckily enough we had just acquired a new team to work with and I was able to work closely with them regarding product positioning in the market. I drew them up a big piece of paper with all the market segments and marked where everyones bikes were. They came to understand why they were being outdone in market share and in sales units, mainly because the segments they were competing in were too heavily contested with firms spending more on advertising. In a market with many bikes, of course awareness of the product is essential.

Theoretically speaking, an improvement in our acquired firm will result in an incremental increase in our own firms' SHV. This means that I should realistically be working with them next rollover when I'm doing my own design and development so that we can properly coordinate to capture as much market share as possible. By having multiple bikes in multiple segments we should be capturing a wide range of value across a wide range of customers.

All that remains is to be a good mentor/teammate to our new friends. In doing this I will be going above and beyond by duties as the head of design and development and be able to benefit both teams in a massive way. Not much else to it really.


  1. Hi Sean, 

    As I read through the report I see a clear structure a decent amount of information and relevant links being made. The only thing I would recommend improving is detail in the journal. I think in some areas you can add more specific information in the journal as it can help uplift the journal and make it better. 

    Other than that great journal, on the whole, good job. 



  2. Hi sean

    Your layout of the reflection is good, however I would definitely recommend relating your experiences to some of the theories covered in the readings. While looking back through the week is good, it's important to be able to understand properly what may be happening and what you can really relate it to.