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Once again we find ourselves dropping further and further away from achieving a higher SHV that we had once set ourselves up to achieve. The problem I am facing, and i think my team can agree is that being stuck in a rut in terms of motivation levels due to the decreasing SHV. From going to one of the top performing teams, sinking to one of the bottom few is not a good feeling and the aim is to try and turn this around, however the question is will we be able to.

Analysing the problem there is sure to be a few things that can be faulted. I have found as weeks have gone on commitment to team meetings, whether other things come up or whatever has seemed to decrease as we have performed worse. Whether that is in direct correlation or not I am unsure. Decisions have been made that have led to this stage such as overstating demand making inventory costs high, placing too high a big and having to abandon products due to being unable to turn them around.

In theory, we need to establish grounds and develop a plan to get ourselves back on track for these last few weeks. More informed decisions need to be made that are actually going to enhance performance. Brooks and John (2018) go through and talk about the power of questions, and how personal creativity and innovation within an organisation rely on willingness to seek out information, through the constant use of "questioning everything." This is really important because personally I don't think I am questioning decisions that are being made enough, which is not enabling critical thinking. We are at a point in the simulation where we are in desperate need of a turn around and getting things back on track, so I definitely think this week it is going to be important to question one another and come up with an innovative and structured plan.

In terms of action, just being more proactive individually could play a huge role in trying to make more informed decisions within next weeks rollover. I am going to try and put more focus into mikesbikes to ensure that I am motivated towards the increasing SHV that we aim to achieve. More questions will be asked and higher quality decisions through critical thinking can hopefully take place.

BROOKS, A. W., & JOHN, L. K. (2018). The Surprising Power of Questions. Harvard Business Review,96(3), 60-67


  1. Hi Kaden!

    I had a great read of your learning journal. It is understandable that your team's SHV has dropped as my team are facing the same problem as well. You have discussed about the problem, analysis, theory and actions very well.

    However, I want you to elaborate on what made your team members' commitments less? Were they less motivated or it is something else? Plus, there were some of the grammatical errors that needs fixing. 

    Best of luck for the next 2 week or so and may the best team win!

  2. hey there Kaden.

    Its a shame your SHV is dropping, but i like the link you made to the possibility of commitment being an issue as im sure that may play a part into why it is., your theory you have discussed linked well and i see that your plan of action makes sense to the situation at hand

    I wish you luck with the rest of the course and hope you improve for the better!

  3. Hey Kaden, I'm sorry to hear about your SHV dropping. However, this was a really well-done journal and I enjoyed reading it. You have discussed all parts of the reflection process well. Good luck and I hope things improve for you in the future!