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This week we had a clear goal in mind of starting to make back the money that we had lost due to our massive debt that we got ourselves into from taking over another firm. A way to was to try reducing our not ideal quite large idle time. Along with this we had a few potential new bikes to design and release.

This problem arose from taking a large debt to buy out one of our competitors. Nonetheless, we have multiple ways of trying to overcome this problem. One of which ways which, obviously I will not go into too much detail about, was a strategy for a bike. Our ideas man Tony has come up with multiple great ideas for bike strategies that have worked so far. Therefore, when he came up with a new idea, we had nothing but trust for this new bike. Testing it through solo mike shows promise and I am looking forward to seeing if this new strategy can help us with our problem moving forward in the future rollovers.

The use and understanding of why and how to employ this new strategy have come from learning through the simulation. With this development of learning continuing to progress thanks to the vast amounts of freedom that we get within our group and this simulation. This is not surprising as “if a manager is to develop significantly within a particular job it is most important that they  have the confidence and freedom to evolve the job,” (Davis & Easterby-Smith, 1984).

The decision of whether to act will become apparent when this rollover just been is greater observed. It is only a matter of time before we employ this new strategy, however, depending on the events of the rollover will contribute as to whether tweak will need to make before the strategy can be released.

Davies, J. and Easterby‐Smith, M. (1984), LEARNING AND DEVELOPING FROM MANAGERIAL WORK EXPERIENCES. Journal of Management Studies, 21: 169-182. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.1984.tb00230.x


  1. Hey Caleb

    You're group seems to be doing really well at understanding this simulation. Good job! Interesting problem you had here in your reflection.

    For next time, I would love to see any takeaways you felt were personal or could be used personally, as more of a reflection.

    Great job,


  2. Hey Caleb

    employing a new strategy is a great way of learning, but you should take note and be careful that its nearly coming to the end of the stimulation. Overall I can see your group doing well and wish your group the best. 

  3. Kia ora Caleb,

    Like your group, my team has been thinking of adopting a new strategy for the last few rollovers. As Michael mentioned you should be cautious of your new strategy as there are few rollovers remaining. However, you have clearly explained your problem and supported it with readings. Good job on your journal this week.

    Ngā mihi,