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For this week, the main problem I encountered was the understanding of the software. This refers to not knowing why some estimations of earning market share and profitability's reflection on shareholder value.

The problems stems from either not understanding values at a fundamental level as well as not understanding the complexity of how each segment interrelates with another. To elaborate, it isn't clear how important the sensitivity of a category is which means I can't make decisions with 100% confidence, or take calculated risks.

I think a general solution is to 'get to know the simulation better', and Kolb (1976) suggests that learning processes are optimal through practical experiences and with time through the experiential learning model. In context to MikesBikes, although time is limited it may pay off to reflect more on what's happened and build from there.

To bring words into action, I think the way to go about this is to first examine the previous yearly reports and look for trends and patterns. Secondly, it might be worth trying out any simulations on the single player version to get a better understanding of the software itself.


Kolb, D. A. (1976). Management and the Learning Process. California Management Review, 18(3), 21–31.


  1. Hello,

    I enjoyed your learning journal this week. I liked how you follow Dauedelin's four step analysis. It is also clear that you have an understanding of the readings as you incorporated them into your learning journal. One thing I thought you could do better is going into more depth when explaining your problem. Other than that, I thought you did a great job. Good luck in the next rollover.


  2. Hi Kashyap,

    You have a clear understanding of the readings, and apply them well to the problem at hand. Your use of Daudelins four step analysis further accentuates this, building a clear picture of both the issue faced, and how you intend to remedy it.

     That being said, the analysis of the issue is a bit light in this journal. Fleshing it out further would both explain why it is an issue to the reader, and provide you with more to work on in later parts of the four-step process.