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Although we have room for improvement regarding our SHV, as we come closer to the final rollovers, I am seeing little value in my role as the marketing manager. Our market share is at an optimal level and now we have reached the plateau of audience reach, therefore there is little to no need for more marketing decisions. Once we have reached the plateau, increasing marketing expenditure would be a waste of money, and lowering marketing expenditure could possibly result in decreased demand and market share, which would also be unfavourable. This articulates the problem of reaching a dead end for my role. 


This problem is due to overspending in the first few rollovers. We spent too much on marketing during the first few rollovers, which resulted in many lost sales as our manufacturing capacity was unable to keep up. However, we took noticed of this trend and have lately been focusing more on manufacturing and capacity. Our group dynamic works perfectly well for our team, and manufacturing and capacity is not my field of expertise, therefore I am hesitant to invest my time and efforts into an area as I am unfamiliar with. 


Overspending in marketing and PR was a result of ill informed decisions and little consultation with other team mates. The lack of transparency between different decision makers hindered our team's performance, as we all worked too independently. My decisions did not correspond with other aspects of company, therefore have lead me to the position I am in now. 


Although there may be little need for me in my own team, we have acquired another company. This could suggest that I work closely with our acquired company and give them tips and guide them to a higher SHV, which benefits both our team and theirs. Especially learning from my own mistakes, I feel as if my personal learning journey could really help out the other team. The action I will take is to make more of an initiative and effort to communicate with them. Ask them questions and give them possible answers or suggestions, as Brooks and John (2018) advise that, "questioning is a powerful tool for unlocking value in companies: It spurs learning and the exchange of ideas, it fuels innovation and better performance, it builds trust among team members." My next step will be to gain a good understanding of the other team's positioning and what their goals are and work with them towards their goals as an extra helping hand.


BROOKS, A. W., & JOHN, L. K. (2018). The Surprising Power of Questions. Harvard Business Review96(3), 60–67. Retrieved from


  1. Very informed a well structured! I like how you segmented each part and further explained everything. I agree to the part where you mentioned that your SHV has little growth and the market is pretty saturated and hard to find space to improve, which is same for most companies who have reached a decent amount of SHV. I believe in the upcoming rounds correct decisions to make would be crucial for the final performance to be in favor to your team

  2. Hey Cindy,

    First of all, I apologise for the late review.

    The first thing that really stands out is the well structured nature of this reflection. Your problem is well defined and articulated which sets up the reflective journal quite nicely. The main improvement to be made would be using more references in supporting your analysis and theory of your problem articulation. The theme would be conveyed much more clearly and your actions would be based on literature and hold more merit.

    Overall, I enjoyed this journal. Good luck for the rest of the semester!