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In short, this week has been bitter sweet.  Last rollover we were coming second in our world, so it came as a surprise for that the top team in our world had made plans to take us over.  Of course, as a team, this is not what we wanted.  All of us thought that we were finally on track for a strong finish, which we still can be, just not in the way we wanted.  There are positives to this though!! We have joined forces with the strongest team in our world and overall so far, and also after meeting them it seems to me they know what they're on about, which is a decent start.

Step 1: Our problem

After telling my team this week that we had been taken over definitely had a major effect on my team's motivation.  The feeling of being 'controlled' by another team has initially hindered my teams motivation.  So, my problem this week is our hindering levels of motivation following our takeover, which at this point of the semester, isn't a problem that I want to have.

Step 2: What's causing this problem?

As I mentioned above, the takeover has really effected the teams motivation levels.  However, I don't believe the takeover is the only reason for this.  For the last six or so rollovers we've worked reasonably hard to obtain positive results, however this has not reflected in SHV as such.  The SHV rollercoaster has also taken its effect on my teams motivation, the uncertainty to whether or not we are going to be rewarded for our efforts each week makes my team sceptical and hesitant to put in greater amounts of effort as we come into the final rollovers.  

Step 3: How can I fix this?

Low motivation isn't just something that can be restored instantly, it may take a few week to be fully restored.  However, I think the first step to up motivation is to meet the team that has taken over us.  As CEO, I myself have already met all the team members, and from first impressions I believe my team will gel well with them.  In the meantime, I just have to carefully restore faith and motivation within my team that we can still receive a decent result in the end.  Of course thats easier said than done, but listening to my teams concerns and discussing them should help restore motivation.

Step 4: Actions that I'm taking

I believe talking to my team and making sure all issues with the takeover are addressed and if necessary, brought up with the other team so that everyone is on the same page.  I need to make sure everyone in my team still knows their value, even though our team effectively just doubled in size.

Overall, it may be a blow to be taken over, but we need to take this one on the chin and keep pushing right till the last rollover.  Joined with the strongest team in the marketplace really is no bad thing, this could bring us on to a very strong result at the end of the rollovers.

I wish all the best for the other teams out there, its been a tough journey, but not long to go now.

Listen In time now, see ya!



Daudelin, W. M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Max

    Your reflection this week was once again very informative and interesting to read! You clearly have mastered dauelin's format of reflection. However I would definitely recommend making connections to the readings from each week, so you can get a better understanding of why you may be feeling certain ways or how you can overcome challenges