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From going through Daudelin’s structure (Dauedelin, 1996), this week the main problem I faced was the lack of energy to stay involved. I found that I was quite tiered and very sleepy during our team meetings. 


If I analyse this problem I believe the main issue with the problem is not being actively involved with the team’s discussions. I also believe that the issue with this problem is the fact that I am slowly becoming lazier when it comes to staying switched on and focused. I believe this is due to the paper being very time consuming in both energy required and time consumed. I was not able to relate to a few things that were discussed due to the lack of energy I had. Therefore, because some things required a lot of focus and concentration to understand I overlooked those things. Alternatively, I was listening in on some of the other vital information that was being passed on as it didn’t require too much energy to understand. 


When going through the readings I came across a very relevant reading which addressed my problem quite well. This reading went on to craft a solution to my problem through identifying key factors which lead to a perceived imbalance between time and effort. The reading stated,

“The core problem with working longer hours is that time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story.”- Schwartz,2007. I believe this quote is a prime example of why I have become very lazy and am finding it hard to stay switched on during the team meetings. This reading shows me that with only a certain number of hours in the day it is important to spread your energy across the amount of time available. This is the issue as rather than spreading my energy across evenly I am spreading my time, ideally this is of not much use as sometimes when I have tasks that require more energy I do not have any despite having the time. Through this reading I could open up to a concept which shows how to conserve energy rather than time. This way, I will be able to conserve my energy and be able to redirect it towards a paper like management 300 which requires a lot of energy.


overall, this week was not my worst week, was just slightly tiring and difficult in some areas. However, was not too bad as unlike some previous weeks I understood things this time around. Our team is getting better slightly every week despite the shareholder value fluctuating, I feel as if things are about to lift from here onwards. 


Reference List:

Daudelin, W. M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48.


Schwartz, T. (2007) Manage your Energy, Not your Time. 85(10), 63-73.

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  1. Hi Neel, 

    I like how you linked the reading into how you can improve your energy levels when it comes to team meetings and your contribution in them. I am also sorry to hear that you have been lacking energy and hope that you are able to perform better this week. It would have been nice to read about some examples of things that you may have missed, or how you might have contributed differently had you had more energy, or perhaps a comparison with previous weeks where you were less fatigued. 

    I hope that you are able to integrate more self-care into the coming week in order to restore your energy levels. 

    Good luck for your team meetings this week. 

  2. Hi Neel

    Great journal, which has really reflected the status of most of the people. As an individual, we tend to get exhausted when constantly repeating on the same thing and doing the same stuff over and over. However, as a team, you don't really need to put to much stress on yourself, participation and discussion can become the motivation to gain more energy. When you and your teammates are getting better in this simulator, everthing is gonna be alright. hope you can have more energy for the rest of the decisions, you are almost there.