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We got bought out this week, but hopes within the team are trying to stay consistently high. I am trying to have a positive attitude toward being bought out rather than going with the norm and giving up hope leading to becoming a dysfunctional unit.

So to begin Daudelin’s framework, a problem that could come into fruition and adversely affect the relationships and functionality within our group would be losing hope and motivation to continue now that we are no longer independent. This problem could derail our team and cost us our SHV. I know this problem could become an issue as the immediate feeling of failing due to being taken over draws out my unwillingness to continue. 

This problem of losing motivation to continue can stem from one person or the group. I know that i felt discouraged once we got taken over but not portraying disappointment or the feeling of failure and encouraging myself to continue pushing to grow our group will hopefully be a shared quality throughout the team. Although a week of understanding and comprehending is usually very acceptable, due to the environment built within the simulation we cannot afford to miss calculate a week which we have unfortunately dealt with before.

To not allow this problem to come into fruition, understanding why we got taken over will be important for me and most likely the rest of the group. This brings me to the point brought up by Brooks & John (2018), where they emphasise the importance of asking questions and the effect they have on productivity and efficiency of decision making. Asking the important questions and gaining an understanding on what I did to allow a business to take us over will allow me to grow past the overtaking and continue to perform as I did previously. Becoming discouraged and losing confidence in our own decision making can also be adversely affected by this problem of losing hope. Through understanding my mistakes and the reason we were able to be taken over, it will allow me to move past and continue (hopefully) as normal and continue to make gains on our SHV.

Obviously, bringing this plan of asking questions and not falling into the trap of becoming discouraged needs to be implemented by myself to continue being a hopefully efficient team member. 

Although we did get taken over, we are still making steady gains on our SHV and following a plan will hopefully allow us to continue to see steady improvement. 

A fitting goal to fit for myself is to keep and maintain my current attitude towards the simulation, and if other are discouraged, to reinforce their confidence and move past this as a team. 


Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 

24(3), 36–48.

Brooks, A. W., & John, L. K. (2018). The Surprising Power of Questions. Harvard Business Review, 96(3), 60–67.


  1. Hey Callum 

    In order to further improve your learning journals I think it is important for you to acknowledge a problem that you have faced or are facing rather than one that you think you could face/there is potential in occurring. This is because without having actually had to confront the problem yet there is nothing to learn from! Instead you are merely proposing what could happen and how you could react to it without having actually had to go through the experience - therefore, it's all a bit of a guessing game! 

    Next week I would encourage you to focus on a problem that has already occurred amongst your group.. this could still have been related to the takeover but a problem you are already suffering as a result of this rather than something that is just a current prospect! 

    Hope this is useful and have a good weekend, 


  2. Hi Callum, 

    I agree with Tayla in regards to the problem that you have propositioned in your learning journal this week.

    Sometimes it is difficult to see a problem, and I encountered this during the first few learning journals. To make it easier to articulate a problem, instead of viewing it as a problem I started to look at it from the perspective of "What didn't go so well this week or If I were to repeat the week again, what could I have done differently". 

    "We got bought out this week, but hopes within the team are trying to stay consistently high. I am trying to have a positive attitude toward being bought out" - a problem that could be deduced from this is "It is difficult trying to maintain a positive outlook and team cohesiveness when you are bought out". 

    And then you could go on to discuss what your individual and perceived team morale was and how you would can overcome this problem. 

    Other than that, you have really good structure and with a few tweaks it will a great journal entry! 

    All the best for the future rollovers!