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This week has seen our SHV decrease to a rather hilarious but dismal figure. To our surprise we were taken over by another team and working all together was a bigger change than I had anticipated. We began by making separate decisions for the independent entities, but before we confirmed our decisions the team who acquired us would check them over. It was interesting listening to how they operate, in comparison to us. Now we are facing not only poor performance in the simulation as a problem, but also potential tensions as the acquiring team has quite different strategic ideas that may not work as well with our bikes and what we have been doing so far. The problem I have decided to focus on in this reflection is tensions between the two teams.


As we were the team that was acquired I was expecting that we would be given some idea as to why, and how the other team proposed we should work together to increase both of our SHV's, and perhaps exchange a summary of each others MikesBikes journeys so far. The situation as it turned out was that we worked in close proximity but rarely spoke to each other (probably because we did not know each others names), most of the time speaking in quiet voices about the other team. The most tension came from marketing expenditure decisions due to our budget constraints and the other team wanting us to really push our marketing campaign across the board. As there are no set expectations for communication across teams, or who has the final say in decision making this could be an area that we fall down in over the coming weeks. 


It could be quite useful to use one of the techniques for retaining energy in the mind from the Schwartz reading this week, in order to better understand each other's points of views in this new dynamic. By using the "reverse lense" and asking ourselves the question "What are the people on the other side of this conflict saying, and in what ways could that be true?" we will be able to find the common ground, although initial communication has been quite minimal. For example this week we could have asked ourselves what was true in them wanting us to up our marketing expenditure and try to understand the logic behind this push. 


In the coming weeks I think that failure is probably inevitable without clear expectations and boundaries being communicated between the two teams, so I plan to initiate that conversation at the next meeting. To reduce further tensions building between both teams we must both try to find common ground between each others perspectives and be open to listening and taking new approaches. The lenses technique from the reading should help us with this. 


Schwartz, T. (2007) Manage your energy, not your time. Harvard Business Review 85(10)


  1. Hi Ciara, 
    At first glance, you've identified the problem at hand to be that tension between teams. Its not easy when clear lines of communication between two conflicting teams are not present. As such I really admire the solution, that you're willing to take an active approach to talking through and trying to reduce the conflicting terms between the two teams. The use of daudelin's 4 step learning process made this learning journal really clear and easy to read - It did show a deep understanding of the course theory.
    Great work, Keep it up and good luck with your next rollover and communicating with the other team.

  2. Hi Clara.

    Good use of Daudelin's to structure your journal, could easily identify your issue. As said by Tony, communication between teams is always difficult at first. Having a way to communicate to each is always needed. I think the Brooks,A.W reading, "The Surprising Power of Questions" would be good in helping with this initial communication that you mentioned in the solution to your problem.

    Hope everything works out for you and good luck.