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This week was a very interesting week. It was a lot easier because every team member was at the meeting and we were a lot more confident after experiencing a great increase in our SHV last week. However, even though this week seemed to go a bit better for the group I personally faced the problem of struggling to voice all of my opinions within group discussions.  


From my past behaviour, every week I have been really good at stating my opinions on decisions that are made especially regarding my role. I was also always prepared at meetings with all my decisions made. The results each week for marketing were great as we continuously had high market shares in majority of our segments. I find that I am really good at working in teams as throughout majority of my life I have been in a team. I have been in countless sport teams and completed heaps of group work assignments throughout school and university. However, this week I was somewhat quiet and didn’t share my opinions as much because I didn’t want to create controversy within my group. Because of this, I didn’t feel as though I was a part of the team this week.


After analysing my past behaviour and reading this weeks reading, it is clear to see that my ‘human skill’ ability has dipped this week. Katz (1974, p.91) states that “human skill is primarily concerned with working with people.” This skill is demonstrated by the way that an individual views and perceives their co-workers or teammates and the way that the individual behaves as a result. (Katz, 1974). This week I perceived my teammates as very confident with their opinions. As a result, my behavioural response was to not share my opinions as I felt I couldn’t without causing controversy. This demonstrated a lack of communication and thus, a lack of human skill on my part.

The action that I am going to take is to be more confident in myself and the decisions that I make. I know that we experienced great results when I did share my opinion even if it did create a bit of controversy with some members. Obviously, it is natural for people to disagree all the time. Because of this I will present my opinions and work together with those that don’t agree to come to a compromise. I feel as though this will be more successful than not speaking at all as it will make me feel like I am a part of the team and significantly improve my human skill.



 Katz, R. L. (1974). Skills of an effective administratorHarvard Business Review, 52(5), 90–102


  1. Hi Renee, 

    You have provided a well written and structured reflective journal this week. You utilised the reading well the analyse your problem with a theory and also interpreted Daudelin's reflection steps really well. 

    It's good that you came to the realisation that some disagreement in team work is normal and essential to growing and ensuring that you are all putting in work. It allows you all to work toward common ground and a decision where you all have made input. 

    I cannot fault your reflection this week. 

  2. Hey Renee,

    I enjoyed reading your journal this week, conflict can be used positively and it is good that you understand conflict doesn't have negative effects for a team. It is clear that you have understood the readings well and there is nothing I would suggest you need to improve on this week.

    Cheers, Ethan.