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*Apologies in Advance for the Formatting of the journal. When uploading my journal, I don't know why it didn't upload normally. Hence, why you'll have to click and drag all the way from left to right to read it. 

As I reflect back on this week’s journey as we near the mid-sem break in a couple of week, it’s good to see the team getting along nicely and bonding with one anotherI believe that the team is performing well together and really understand each other well, this is displayed through our consistent results that we are generatingOne of the key things I picked up on when reflecting through this week was the need view situations from multiple perspectives rather than just my own. I believe sometimes when things are going smoothly, I prefer to stay distant from taking a look at the bigger picture and other perspectives along with listening to the others justification on what they think should be done

For example, the reading also mentioned the need to implement this skill as it can be beneficial for individuals when taking management rolesAlways view a problem from different perspectivesTry using alternative starting points and approaches rather than sticking with the first line of thought that occurs to you" John SHammond; Ralph LKeeney; Howard Raiffa, 1998This reading helped in finding a solution to my main problem this week as it shows the need to stop and cover all perspectives, before solidifying my stand within the groupThis way I will be able to see the issues I’m facing from all standpoints and be able to pick the best position knowing that I’ve covered all other possible stands, before picking my final stand on certain issues 


The reading also quoted another crucial point that I believe was worth taking note off“Be open mindedSeek information and opinions from a variety of people to widen your frame of reference and to push your mind in fresh directions.-John SHammond; Ralph LKeeney; Howard Raiffa, 1998This is another thing I need to improve on, I believe I just state and plant my opinion and thoughts upon my team mates rather than discussing and seeking information for the majority of the time. This needs to change in order to ensure that I’m am efficient in my decision making and not wasting time thinking about an outcome of a decision that could easily be made by discussing with my pairs.   


Reference List: 

Hamond, J. S., Keeney, R. L., & Raiffa. H. (1998). Hidden traps in decision making. Harvard Business Review, 76(5), 47+ 

 Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48. 





  1. Hey Neel,

    Just in advance the formatting is actually all cool for me as I'm reading this! 

    It is good to hear that you feel as though your group is working well together and executing what sounds like desired results and it's good to hear that you think you could further enhance your teams performance by being more open however, what this learning journal lacks is a specific event within the week that triggered this realisation. From my understanding, the purpose of a learning journal is to take a specific event/action/outcome (any little stimulus from the week) and recognise this as a learning opportunity. It is this opportunity that has resulted in you wanting to change your actions (this would be the being more open to others opinions that you talk about) rather than you only recognising the change in action. 

    However, it is good to see that you have identified how you might implement your solutions - however, this could again be further strengthened if you maybe provided example of a time where you didn't show this and the resulting outcome that has made you distinguish "openness" as being something you hope to work on! 

    It is good to see that you are doing the readings and trying to integrate these in but remember the point of the learning journal is not to quote the readings but to show you have learnt something from the week - whether or not that includes theory/reading material will be dependent on the scenario and outcome itself. 

    Hopefully this is of some use to you and will aid you in future learning journals, 

    Have a good weekend! 


  2. Excusing your future learning journals (in which your formatting will definitely be resolved) it definitely is still readable!

    Unfortunately, I can see Peter definitely frowning against the suggestions you haven't taken into consideration when constructing a learning journal. 

    To be clear Daudelin's model of reflection needs to be incorporated into your structure:

    • Daudelin’s (1996) initial stage begins with the articulation of the problem.
    • Daudelin (1996) second stage of reflection then continues with an analysis of the problem.
    • The third stage of reflection from Daudelin (1996) is the formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem.
    • The final stage of reflection from Daudelin (1996) is the decisions around action (or lack of).

    Firstly although you have shown different insights gained across your learning journal it is better to narrow it down to one and expanding upon it throughout for a more succinct and well developed learning journal. Following Daudelins models is therefore heavily advised.

    Although it may not be clear it is also advisable to use APA referencing when typing up your journal (as you don't write an authors initials or first name within an in-text citation),  and although it can seem unimportant it is written within this site to do it.

    Overall I feel that you have alot of good ideas but need to develop your structuring and referencing.

    Best of luck to you!